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Olympic Game Thread: Canada vs Switzerland

On the heels of a big Women’s win over the US, the Men’s squad begin their tournament against the Swiss

Olympics: Curling-Mixed Team Gold Medal Match
Let’s do this, eh?
Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Scrivens, former Toronto Maple Leafs/Edmonton Oilers goalie will lead the Canadian Men into battle this morning as they begin their preliminary round with a game against a team that always seems to give them fits at any level: Switzerland.

Some very familiar names on the roster, especially for us Canuckleheads. And let’s not forget head coach Willie Desjardins. Now, before you all get out your predictions of doom and gloom, Willie’s been doing a pretty good job with this squad, playing in games and tournaments around the world in preparation this year’s Olympic tournament.

There’s also been this feeling that these games aren’t worth your time to watch, because we’re being robbed of the participation of the stars of the NHL. While we’ve come to love these best of the best of the best battles, there’s something about these guys, this team that is so appealing. Talk about underdogs, if they could pull this off, it has the chance to be one of the biggest stories in Canadian hockey history. And there’s some great stories here. Scrivens, who had to go to Russia to keep playing professional hockey. Desjardins, looking for redemption after well, you know. The cast of former Canucks that litter this team. And Wojtek Wolski, who just 16 months ago broke his neck in a KHL game. Few thought he’d ever play again, yet he’s on the ice for Canada. If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.