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Game Preview and Gamethread #32: Canucks vs St Louis.

Battle of non-playoffs teams in Missouri.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Can someone explain to me what the hell happened in St. Louis? I know they got run over on the last day of hockey last season by the Avs and missed the playoffs by a point. But this year’s start has been miserable. With players like Tarasenko, Pietrangelo and Schenn, you would have expected more.

So it comes down to two things then. Mike Yeo and Ryan O’Reilly.

Mike Yeo was the coach until a few weeks ago. His style of defensive coaching never seemed to mesh with the players in St. Louis, so there was not a lot of buy-in. You could blame the injuries this year for the team’s demise, but Yeo was unable to get the team moving in the right direction.

You remember when Ryan O’Reilly said that losing was contagious in Buffalo and some night’s he phoned it in. Well, he was right about some of that. Losing is contagious and he brought a whole bunch of it to St. Louis. While he leads the team in points, that is about the only bright spot.

Jake Allen’s numbers are worse than the Canuck’s goalies. Stop and think about that.

So when you look at the tweet below, you have to wonder if today is the day the Canucks can win two in a row.

I’m not sure about St Louis’s line up as they are really banged up. Schwartz, Fabbri and Pietrangelo are all injured and Steen maybe out for this game as well.

The question for Travis Green, is do you dare touch a lineup that created so many goals against Nashville? My answer would be no, .....expect sit Pouliot.

Sunday afternoon games are nice when it snows. I don’t have snow where I live...enjoy it for me.

Go Coconuts Go!