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RECAP: NUCKS WIN! Drop the Blues 5-1

The Blues follow the Blues into the ROG while the Blue & Green Sing Score Happy Tunes

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks
Shotgunning the ROG
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

After the power failures around the lower mainland, the powerless power plays and officiating failures last game, might expect the Nucks to start on low batteries.

And they did. It was a low voltage Canucks start in the ROG. Probably the safe thing to do with so many high voltage lines down across the province. (Ask me later how many candle power this recap was prepped with).

This is a short recap, because... playing human sump pump is more exhausting and not as much fun as the off-the-grid promo brochures promise. Some say this electric grid and connected-up the wazoo world is overrated. Some say the Nucks PK is too. And they’d be wrong.

While it wasn’t the best game for Bess and Pete, it didn’t have to be. The NSC (Nucks Scoring Committee) was in session for this game.

1st Period

With the listless start by the Nucks and the streaking Blues.... ok, they’re not win streaking per se, but did dump dEdmonton 4-1 their previous game. In NM parlance that does make a single-multi one game win streak. Whatever.

Anyhow, the Blues started out strong and enjoyed playing in the Nucks zone so much, stayed there for most of the period.

The only thing stronger than the pressure on the Blues was the puck-stopping pressure from Marky. He made this win possible with a no-softie-in-the-first promise.

Promise kept.

Marky kept the game in play until the rest of the Nucks were ready to play - hard to play against.

How were the Nucks in the dot in the first? How badly can it go? Pretty badly. With 6 minutes to go, the Canucks were still waiting to win a faceoff. The Blues had won 10 straight.

And even won them during the first Nucks PK of the game. And probably the second PK as well. Didn’t matter.

The Nucks Penalty Slayers are on an effectiveness streak that was only matched during the half-season, half Cup of 2013.

This is the 8th straight game without allowing a PP goal. The Nucks PK have gone 20 for 20 in that span. Impressive. Can we give them a trophy for that? Or a stick tap or slow clap?

The frustrated Blues put 15 shots on Marky and the Nucks put 5 on the napping Allen. The Nucks 1st shot was from the freshly dangerous, Tanev, but sent from 190 ft away, Allen had plenty of time to wake up and smell the rubber, see the rubber and stop it.

And worse, the longer the period dragged on and on, the more the Nucks let the Blues make a home in the o-zone.

2nd Period

Now the team switch ends. But the preferred o-zone is the same part of the ice as the first.

The Nucks must have had a chat in the dressing room or call from riled-up Westy on a tropical beach. Either way, they were motivated to be fast, skilled and the dominant team.

They kept getting chance after chance, rush after rush. And drew a penalty. Uh-oh.

Drawing penalties was a bad strategy 6 times over against the Bolts in a game where we were reminded of the NHL official pecking order of what is suspendable.

Let’s suspend that grim reminder and think happier thoughts. Happy tic toed passing thoughts.

A perfect pass from Pete to Bo and it’s a goal! On the Power Play!

Redemption! 6 power plays too late.

No matter.

Time to turn it over to the Committee. Our Hockey Gaud is an active member of the NSC. Makes a great zone entry, takes a shot, gets his own rebound and forces it past Allen!

After the meek protest, the goal stands. Just as Gaud planned it. It’s his second of the season and first home tally. Good Gaud!

The Nucks kept pressuring and the Blues kept getting thwarted. The shot count was 14 to 3 for Vancouver. And even better, lead 2-0 after 2.

No wonder the Canucks love second periods so much. It’s their highest scoring period.

3rd Period

Coming into the 3rd with a 2 goal lead is pretty good. And particularly important for the team that still leads the league in 3rd period GA.

So, our new17 decides to pad the lead. The good GF lead of the game. With an opportunistic bank shot. Off the back of the cheating goalie. That’s why, children goalies, it never pays to cheat. Neat shot from Leivo off the back of Allen and in.

3-zip Nucks and only another 18 minutes to play. What could go wrong on Marky’s attempt at his first SO of the year? Nothing much.

Except that TaraTank. Who takes the puck, protects the puck from 3 Nucks and puts it in the far corner where Marky’s little toe isn’t. He may be having a slow sniper year, but he hasn’t lost any power moves. Dammit.

Fine. Spoil the SO. That’s why they call it the Blues. Or something.

Doesn’t matter.

Because we have our young power forward who is about to exceed last season’s goal total in only game 38.

Yes, it’s Shotgun Jake beating the other Jake.

Virt with his 11th and assists for Eddie & Bo.

But wait, why win by 3 when you can win by 4?

Good question.

Why pull your goalie in the last 2 minutes, when you can pull your goalie in the last 5?

Another good question. And Loui has the good answer. Gets the EN while burning Tarasenko for the poetic justice deke of the night.

Could have been more... except Allen saved his best saves of the game when it was out of reach. Made the calf save on a sure goal from Gaud. Oh well, Gaud is not greedy. But he is great and getting better with his Gaud-given talents.

Anyhow a 5-1 win is just as good as a 6-1 win.

Watch and be happy in a Nucks game with a bonus power play goal.

Other than the flat-lined first, the Nucks played a good tight game. They only coughed up 3 giveaways - 2 from Pouliot - not saying Pouliot is the reason that Westy has been sent to a tropical beach to unwind...probably just a coincidence.

Eddie had two points on the night and is moving into the elevated area of the lofty point parts of the Canucks storied stories.

If he stays healthy and he’s not traded away by his adoring supporters at NM, he could be close to having a career year.

First star of the game, the man too hard to beat on the night, our Marquis de Save. Since Nillie returned from the finger faeries, Marky is at .923 SV% - last 5 games he’s boasting a .937 SV% - except Marky doesn’t boast - only gloats a little behind the mask so we can’t see it, so I’m probably making it up.

Let’s hear the voice of Gaud.

Over in the Green room, it’s not as manly as last game, but there’s less excuses for the NHL dirty ‘code’ secrets.

500 Hockey is Back!

The Canucks are even better at home with a 9-8-1 record. And they’re more fun to watch than a blind ref at a DoPS anti-fairness party.

Moving on. To the last game before the holiday break. It’s on Saturday. Against Winterpeg. Always fun to get beaten by them at home.

No, it’s not. So... why not change it up. Put a 2 game winning streak under NucksNation’s tree. There’s still time, send your text message to the hockey Santa of your choice.

Have a fantastic Friday and a super-extra-duper Saturday.