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RECAP: NUCKS Win! Statement. Lose Game 5-2 to Filthy Bolts

Nucks Blindsided. By the Refs

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Vancouver Canucks
Fight Night at the ROG. Not just for Roussel
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember September... er...October in Tampa Bay? The Nucks embarrassed the Bolts at home in the 3rd and won 4-1.

Sure, the T-Bay team that rolled into the ROG tonight are a better team than that one - best in the league now - expect they wanted to make that ‘best’ statement in our rink.

At the same time, our young guys want to make their statement. That this season’s Canucks are fast, skilled and hard to play against.

As it turned out, it could be a defining ‘statement’ game for the young Canucks. When Pete was pitchforked by mediocre NHL player Matheson, now with a suspension record, the refs got the call wrong.

Many fans were upset the Nucks didn’t respond with a proper brouhaha - despite leading the game and going for the win. The ‘Canucks are soft’ myth was paraded around the internet like a cheap trope. Because... internet.

Tonight, behind in the game and T-bay playing cheap with a blindside hit on Stech, the refs getting the call wrong, the Canucks pushed back. Hard. Pushed the Bolts into the Donny Brook. Or Coal Harbour.

It was a loss and that sucks. And so does the Nucks power play. Again. But the statement was made.

From the gamethread this rec’d comment from Patti:

But I will say this, my opinion only. This is a statement game for the Canucks. The Lightning didn’t have to come here to thug it up. They could have legitimately beat the Canucks with their skill. But for some reason they’ve decided to target a lot of our players. For all Canucks fans who think the boys don’t stand up for each other, well pay attention. - Posted by Patti-0

Thanks Patti for ending that debate.

And before the fight broke out, there was a hockey game. Guess we have to recap that too.

1st Period

Because they were thuggin’ it up in our barn, I’m invoking NM Recap Rule 27 and am not required to display any Tampa Bay goals.

Even if they did get the first goal of the game.

But not the 2nd one. That was one of ours. From Motte with a great pass from Stech. All started with good o-zone Nucks pressure, especially from Virt.

It’s all tied up. The young Nucks are running with the league’s #1 team.

For a few minutes. Then T-bay scores again, from a spin-pass from NuckNation’s new Public Enemy #1, [redacted] Martel.

The Nucks outshoot the Bolts 16-12, but could only solve Vasilevskiy once through one. He’s a pretty good goalie. On a pretty good team. Until they decide be thugs.

Remember that deadly Nucks power play from the weekend? Not available on weekdays. Nucks ‘power’ play went 0 for 4.

If only the weekend included Tuesdays, the score would be 5-2 Nucks at the end of the first, instead of the 2-1 for the rough ‘n ready Bolts.

2nd Period

It was an intense, action packed first.

And the Bolts added another goal after a Nucks clearing play was stopped at the line. The T-Bay D are very good in both ends of the ice. That’s as close to compliment as they get in this recap. And not because the Nucks D isn’t at the Bolts level (it isn’t), but because they violated NM Recap Rule 28. Or 27. Probably both.

Nucks are down 3-1 to the best team in the league. Need to step up the energy and the action.

And the action went up a notch. Roussel dropped the gloves with Gourde. And Roussel dropped Gourde. And Gourde received a misconduct for mouthing off at the refs after the fight.

Good thing I’m not an NHL player, otherwise I’d get a month of game misconducts from the misfits in stripes. Because...

It’s Blind Zebra Night In Canada, kids! Not an endangered species, but one that grazes on the fields of bias.

Because... of this cheap blindside headshot by Martel on Stech.

The refs give Martel 2 minutes for interference. It’s an obvious blindside headshot from a cheapshot waiver wire player trying to make an ‘impact’ in his 2nd game with the Bolts.

This is just the type of hit the league claims they want to take out of the game. The ref, Reid Anderson, is right there. Watches it happen. And so does the linesman, Greg Devorski, who has a terrible record with viewing reality fairly.

Despite the confab among the officials, they don’t give the obvious 5 minute major. Why? Because they’re gutless cowards? Because they don’t want the ‘war room’/DoPS involved on their watch? Don’t know. Does anyone outside the NHL officiating cult know?

They give a player a 10 minute major and misconduct for mouthing off to them, but a blindside headshot to a player that results in a probable concussion is only worth 2 minutes? The league officials are very thin-skinned. Words can hurt them. Here at NM, we have a lot of words.

If they had assessed even a 5 minute major, they probably wouldn’t lose control of the game. But without justice served, they lose control and in the new era NHL, the young Nucks went old skool rules.

As soon as cheapshot Martel is released from his minor infraction box, Virt goes straight to him, for some ‘attitude’ adjustment.

Soon, we’re getting the ‘Statement’. Melee style.

After the scrumming, roughing and general mayhem, the refs assign a whole bunch more penalties. Because now, they care.

Here’s the penalty list:

2nd Team Penalty
10:41 VAN Jake Virtanen Hooking against J.T. Miller
11:49 TBL Yanni Gourde Fighting against Antoine Roussel
11:49 TBL Yanni Gourde Misconduct
11:49 VAN Antoine Roussel Roughing against Yanni Gourde served by Nikolay Goldobin
11:49 VAN Antoine Roussel Fighting against Yanni Gourde
14:26 TBL Danick Martel Interference against Troy Stecher
16:31 VAN Jake Virtanen Roughing against Danick Martel
16:31 VAN Josh Leivo Roughing against Danick Martel
16:31 TBL Danick Martel Roughing against Jake Virtanen
19:11 TBL Alex Killorn Roughing against Erik Gudbranson
19:11 VAN Erik Gudbranson Roughing against Alex Killorn
19:11 VAN Ben Hutton Fighting against Cedric Paquette
19:11 TBL Cedric Paquette Roughing against Ben Hutton served by Danick Martel
19:11 TBL Cedric Paquette Fighting against Ben Hutton

The hockey game breaks out again for a few minutes, but the Bolts are targeting our stars. Why? Cooper making his own tough statement?

Paquette takes a run at Petey. Brock swoops in and puts a headlock on Paquette. Hutton takes over for Brock. Drags Paquette away and drops him with a right.

More melee. And penalties. Almost an hour of ‘atonement’ was awarded through two.

Because we had forgotten to count shots and stuff, we’re guessing that the Nucks outshot the Bolts 14-10 in the 60 minutes it took to play 20.

3rd Period

Down by 2 goals. The Nucks put their focus on playing hockey. Unfortunately so did the Bolts.

And the Nucks get within one. Newly offensive-defenceman, Tanev, put a screened shot past Vasilevskiy. Picking his time and space. Again. 2nd goal of year. Just 4 days after his first.

The Nucks are within one. The comeback kids are pushing hard for the comeback. And then Stamkos scores going the other way. Dammit.

Nillie is pulled and the Bolts get an EN and the 5-2 win. Good for them. And lucky for them they only play the Nucks twice this season. Unless....don’t go all SCF dreamin’ on such a winter night.

It was a playoff battle-level game. The season series is tied at one game a piece. But, because NM scoring is tougher for eastern teams, the Nucks claimed two victories. One on the scoreboard and one on the moralboard.

The Bolts outshot the Nucks 15-8 in the 3rd, but Vancouver outshot T-Bay 38-37 in the game. That’s worth a bonus point right there.

The Nucks power play was 0 for 6 on the night. That’s -3 bonus points right there. Over the holidays, hope they take the time to make special teams special again. The zone entries are terrible right now (if they get through center ice to attempt a zone entry).

Still...the Nucks PK kept its perfect streak...perfect through 4 kills against the 2nd best PP in the league. That’s +4 bonus points right there.

With the nothing from six powerplay, Pete’s streak of 7 is stopped. Pretty sure he won’t care so much about that as much as not getting both wins.

Tough game for Nillie going in. And out. Won’t be happy about his .889 SV% and letting that Stamkos shot sneak through him. Or that he hasn’t won a game in over a month. But, he is getting the chances to steal a game and will require master-thief level thievery.

Video (only the hockey game part that broke out)

It was a feisty team game.

Here’s some more feisty from Guds.

Bo knows what it takes to play hard and tough too.

And over in the hell of a Green room, Travis was beaming.

It was gutsy display by the Nucks in the ROG. Because they had to stick up for themselves in the new gutless league that can’t officiate itself - with its own rules.

Hypocrisy. It’s the H-word in NHL. They say they want to take headshots out of the game. They say they want to take blindside hits out of the game. The league says a lot of things. And then sells ‘Violence On Ice’ for the playoffs (and selected in-season games). Why?

Is it the power of the NHLPA? Or the NHLOA?

Yes, the officials have their own union. And fight for the right of their members to make the wrong calls night after night. Automatic video review of cheap headshots would take less than a minute. The refs hate video reviews and the ‘War Room’ that can override their over-arching authority.

Why? You’d think that the refs would want the calls right all the time. You’d think they’d want to discourage player injuries from cheapshots. You’d think wrong. They want money and power. Like the other ‘players’ in the ‘game’.

Some day in a far distant future, the refs would ensure fair play in the game and the safety of the players first. And the NHLPA would serve the safety of their membership first. That’s so far in the future than only the AI bots could ‘call it all’.

Until then, in some games, tribal instincts, even among millionaires playing a kids game, will takeover and tonight we witnessed our Canucks tribe take care of ‘tribal business’.

Not that it matters now, but we like to exercise our democratic internet outrage privilege...with an internet poll.


Was this the statement game - these Canucks are mad as hell and won’t be bullied anymore?

This poll is closed

  • 65%
    Yes - loud, proud and clear
    (60 votes)
  • 34%
    No, but they’re not ‘soft’ anymore
    (31 votes)
91 votes total Vote Now

Just another regular season game. One that felt like a brutal playoff battle. This battle level testing will help the young players steel their wills and blades for the playoff runs of the future.

Until then, we have another regular game to play on Thursday. The Blues will be in the ROG. Yes, the same team the Nucks lit up - in St Lois. The Blues lit up the Oilers in their barn, so we hope they’ve used up their winning quota for the rest of the week.

And we also hope the Nucks power play can become even a middling power again, because nothing says ‘take that’ than several PP goals.

Have a wild Wednesday and terrific Thursday.