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Gamethread #37: Canucks vs Lightning

Final meeting of the year between these two.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017-18 Vancouver Canucks were 15-16-5 after 36 games.

The 2018-19 Vancouver Canucks are 16-16-4 after 36 games.

And yet....I feel so much happier about this team.

After a great win against the Oilers, the Nucks now face the best team in the NHL. The Lightning are #2 in the league with their PP and #4 with their PK. Unlike the team that lost to Vancouver on Oct 11th 4-1, these Lightning seem to have their crap together.

And yet....I still have hope that the Canucks can beat the Lightning. Granted it is a very small amount of hope. The Canucks defense is always interesting to watch. Pouliot has turned into Sbisa. Edler wants all the penalties for himself. Steve Stamkos must licking his chops to cut through this team.

I hope the Canucks can play the type of game where they smother Stamkos and Kuch like they did McDavid. Even if they have to pay the refs off.

I am not sure if the Canucks can keep up with the Lightning, but I predict an Edler penalty.

Go Coconuts Go!