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Gamethread #35: Canucks vs Flyers

Canucks look to start a new winning streak.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers in Vancouver used to be a New Year’s eve tradition. I remember going to one said match up with my uncle when Lindros was a Flyer and Mogilny was a Canuck. My uncle was a Flyers fan and was thrilled with the 5-3 Flyers victory. I wasn’t so thrilled but I couldn’t beat him up at the time as he was much taller. Today would be a different matter.


The Canucks are coming of a great road trip. There actually seems to be two lines producing points now. Unfortunately the defense still eaves much to be desired. The other thing that urks me, is the fact the Canucks had to play comeback kids in the last two games to get points. While it’s awesome that they could do that, it would be better if they got a lead and never let it go. Kind of like me and my glass of rum tonight.

To an outsider, tonight’s game is a battle between two lowly teams that won’t make the playoffs. But to me, it is a game between a franchise trying to rise up again (Canucks) and another franchise that needs to hit refresh. Kent’s interview with Kelly Hinkle of BSH, shows the frustration that Flyers fans are feeling right now. I don’t agree with Hinkle when it comes to Brian Elliot being a good goalie, but the other stuff sounds right to me.

But it looks like we are Elliot free tonight.

Let’s all enjoy a Saturday night game. Hi Mom. Hi Ron MacLean.

Go Coconuts Go!