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RECAP: Nucks WIN 2.5 Periods! Lose Game 2-1

“Ladies and Germs: Your Can’t Keep A Lead Canucks!”

NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks
Fleeting victory not sustainable
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Another day. Another game. Another loss.

While the SPW was predicting a massive victory for the home team with possible hatties for Bo or Brock or Pete, reality isn’t as exciting as fan fiction.

That’s what we know now. And knew before. And will know again.

It’s fine for us to know. But does the team know about the whole three full periods of hockey thing? Let’s ask.

Bo knows.

Yes, losing stings. It more than stings when you’ve lost 11 of your last 12 games. The good thing is, the 8 game losing streak was broken. This is a barely started 3 game losing streak to start December.

At least November is over. And December starts with a fresh look. That looks eerily familiar.

Oh well... let’s get right to the highlight of the game right away.

1st Period

Here it is. Bo knows. To first win the first, you have to score first. And he does.

Assist from Roussel, sets the tone for the game.

Or does it?

If the tone you picked was tight, then, that’s right. Period ends tied on shots with 6 each.

The Nucks out-penaltied the Stars 2 to 1. So... calling that stat - the win, right there. The Nucks PK is better than the Nucks powerplay. And the Nucks PK isn’t very good.

Oh well... Moving on.

2nd Period

More tightness in the game the Nucks are winning. So far.

Another huge battle for sinbin superiority. But, it was a draw with each team drawing/getting 2 PKs/PPs and no goals for or against to show for it. A draw on shots with 11 each. Nillie is playing well and holding the fort.

And that’s a good thing. Sort of. Would have been an ideal period for the Nucks to pad the lead. When I say pad, I mean scoring 3 or more goals.

Since there was no score padding going on, let’s find out which Canuck likes to run up the score in other competitive pursuits.

That quip: “Canucks got game, even off the ice. ” is a little one-sided. Be nice to have a little more ‘game’ on ice, thanks.’s coming... It’s the...

3rd Period

How many times have I started the 3rd (period) recap with this sort of statsigentsia?

Oh...we love us some drama in the 3rd. As mentioned frequently in the November recaps of GA doom, the Nucks lead the league in GA in the 3rd. - Nov. 29

The Nucks lead the league in 3rd period goals. Against. Have allowed 32 goals to violate the sacred Nuckled crease. That’s a lot of violating this early in the season. - Nov. 27 don’t get and keep the league lead for the most goals against in the 3rd without allowing...more goals. - Nov. 19

And so on. And on. And on.

What does the league-leading 3rd period GA figure stand at now? You don’t want to know. And neither do I.

Let’s just move to the bad part. The part where the NHL confirms that we will always be playing two opponents at once. An opposing hockey team. And opposing refs/Toronto War Room.

Seguin checks Nillie, kicks the goalie stick from Nillie’s nimble knuckles. It results in an empty net tally for Benn.

Goals counts. Or does it?

Travis doesn’t think it should and protests to the highest hockey court in the land. Toronto. Except Toronto is already too high on signing their stand-offish winger for $6.9M/6yrs. Overpaid what they said they would - and they’re too busy high-fiving their greedy little hands to actually review the goal.

Goal stands. Ugh. FFS!

Anyhow the game is tied. The Stars first line can outplay our not-first-D and they can run our goalie with impunity.

At least we know where we stand. One game. Two opponents. And worse. Only the Nucks D to keep the tie alive.

And well... the Nucks defensive play late in the third is a WIP (work-in-progress). Much progress is available to be worked on.

That little Littlethinger stick-tap of encouragement was from the stick of MDZ. He was a -1 on the The eastern time zone is not our friend, even on the west coast. But wait, it gets worse, our number 1 shutdown guy, Tanev was -2 on the nightnoon.

To be fair, which is tricky during this bleak loss/win ratio period, the last 5-10 minutes of this third or any in the last dozen games, is not a strong time and place for the entire team.

Watch the video ‘highlights’ and weep.

Game is over. A 54 minute win turned into a 60 minute 2-1 loss.

Stars outshoot the Nucks 27-25. Canucks were zero for 4 on the powerplay. If only we had a powerplay that could shoot more than zeroes at home... At least the PK was perfect - killed 6 minutes of Dallas futility. So that’s something.

Nilly was burned by his D and the War Room, how does that feel?

“those losses creep into the back of your head - shouldn’t do that..” Wise words. We can’t let all those losses creep into our heads and start breeding bad thoughts and smells. Suggest some selective NM memory erasure in a full glass of rum.

Our Assistant-Acting Captain takes the media heat. Again.

Over in the grumpy Green room, there were lessons to be learned.

What did we learn? When the Nucks are leading through two, turn off the TV during the 2nd intermission and drink until the all clear from the NM All Blurry Room.

Oh well... just another loss that means Jack. At least we hope so.

Guess who’s coming next? Take a Wild guess. Yeah, them. On Tuesday the Nucks can extend the home losing streak while learning even more valuable lessons. Hopefully Beagle can return for the game. Maybe Guds, but he’s still day-2-day.

And so are we. We just need to take this miserable rebuild season one horrible loss at a time. We can do that. Can’t we?

Have a sobering Sunday and newer next week.