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FANMAIL FRIDAY - 3 Cont’d - For Realz!


Fighting the Good Fight. With our mouths.

We have even more explaining to do. So much that it’s going to take another week to just get the proofs back from printer, Westy to grade them all with an ‘F’ and then put words to tape. Or digital pulse width modulated encoding - the big data for small words.

I’d like to apologise for our sporadic, inconsistent goalie podcasting play. I’d like to, but won’t.

Because even the best excuses are no excuse for disappointing our hundreds dozens one listener. The only valid excuse is we were too busy watching our teen phenom break rookie records, our team score more goals than any other team in the league and keeping a keen eye on our rise to hockey heartthrobs powered by nonthreatening shoe faeries.

How is it possible the Nucks are 3rd in league? 1st in the Pacific, again? Why can’t we just win the Prez trophy now and slide straight in the SCF, with the opponent of our choosing? These aren’t the kind of questions we’ll tackle. Or maybe they are. You decide.

Our behaviour might be questionable, but our answers will be loud and obnoxious. Count on it.

Now’s your chance to comment down below with your questions for the 3rd episode (No Really! This time we mean it!) of our podcast, “The Nucks Misconduct Podcast.”