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Gamethread #16: Canucks vs Red Wings

Canucks are on the road again to the Wings.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks should have had Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” as they flew to Detroit, to start another eastern road trip. This trip might actually be a tougher trip as the Canucks are no longer an unknown in the NHL. How many times can the team be labeled a surprise, before teams start taking the Canucks a little more serious.

One are that the Canucks can work on is being more disciplined and stayin out of the penalty box.

The Canucks are averaging almost 11 PIM a game, but then again so is Detroit. For all of the suckiness that is Detroit so far, it has not transferred to their PP, which is 5% better than Vancouver’s.

I wonder if the tide has turned and now Detroit looks at the Vancouver model of rebuilding? Nah...kidding. The Canucks are 2nd in the division with a goal differential of -3. Imagine this team if the defense was middle of the road....and the goaltending as well.

Take a moment and watch this...over and over.Ok, that’s longer than a moment I guess.

Go Coconuts Go!