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Gamethread #28: Canucks vs Vegas

A must win if playoffs are the goal.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

If the Canucks organization really thinks playoffs are achievable this year, then this is a must-win game. In fact all remaining games against Pacific division rivals are a must win. All the other teams in the division hold games in hand. The Pacific is only going to field three teams in the is that weak. So, as of today the Canucks are 4 points out of third.
The last game against the Kings was a Willie D special. That should not be the type of game the Canucks fall into. The PP is going to have to get better and while three penalties a game or less should become the norm for this team as the 76.7 % PK really misses Sutter.

And having this guy back would help balance lines out...

The one thing I want any younger fans to take away from the last game, is that the song “Chelsea Dagger” should never be played in the Rog. Never.....ever.

Go Coconuts Go! (Happy Birthday Mom!)