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NUCKS WIN! A Point At Home. Lose Game 2-1 in OT To The Streaking Kings

Home Sweet ROG

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks
It’s Dancin’ On Ice at the ROG!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

After the climatic finish of the SoCal road trip that ended the season’s worst (so far) losing streak, could expect the first home game to be a little anti-climatic.

And we weren’t disappointed. I mean, yes, we were disappointed that the one game WINNING streak couldn’t be radically extended into two. But most of this game was anti-climatic. Not for Willie, of course, so that’s real good for him and his newly adopted league basement royal family.

No matter. The point is we got a point. Don’t be greedy. At least until Thursday. Then guzzle points like a free rum drinking game at Westy’s place.

Let’s start with the 1st, because...tradition!

1st Period

Nothing happened. Ok, something happened. Just nothing that made us stand on our tipsy toes and shout about it.

Despite the low event period, the Nucks outshot LA 12-7 and got a powerplay that didn’t score. As did La-La-La.

Virt played more minutes than any Nucks forward, had 7 minutes, but didn’t get 7 more in the following 2 periods.

Moving on...

2nd Period

Green said he didn’t like how the Nucks played in the 2nd. Neither did we. Unlike us, Green could have moved Virt up the line up to create some havoc.

However, havoc was happening on the boards. The bad kind that Motte & Bulldog couldn’t contain. It led to an LA lead. Ugh.

Half way through the 2nd, the Nucks are down a goal. And our ferocious Bulldog takes a bite of two penalties to make up for not stopping the havoc or more havoc from havocing.

No matter. Bulldog saves the game, pretty much, for us later. Thank you!

The period ends without the Nucks scoring. No, thank you.

La-La outshot the Nucks 10-8 and seemed to be dictating the game pace. Thanks, but no thanks.

The highlight of the 2nd was an almost moment.

Dekey Pete almost had a Bure moment. And Brock almost had a goal on the resulting dekeing chaos.

Not to be. So the tie-to-be-kept, is still to play for.

3rd Period

The Nucks lead the league in 3rd period goals. Against. Have allowed 32 goals to violate the sacred Nuckled crease. That’s a lot of violating this early in the season.

Almost makes a pattern, starting the 3rd from behind. And it is.

However, the nice thing about predictable patterns is they can be re-patterned with some extra speed and effort.

And the comeback kids were breaking out and making plays and hitting posts and taking notes. No, that was Willie taking notes.

This year, the Nucks have won one game after trailing going into the third. Why not another?

Another win seemed plausible, if not possible. Possibly. The young Nuck guns used their speed and skill to make some oohs and aahs to fall out of the seats of the ROG.

Finally, with less than 4 to play, Green’s unsung and under-played hero, Virt, created some havoc with Granny behind the LA net - battling for the puck and our Canuckian souls.

Virt gets the puck to the Eddie, who sends it to our seeing-puck hound, Bulldog. Biega fires a shot on net and Granny tips it past the so-far-so-perfect Petersen.

Jubilation! We’re saved! The indignity of being shut out at home. Woof!

There’s hope where there was despair. There’s a chance we could win this in reg at the ROG.

And then there wasn’t. Tied after 3. Guaranteed a point for each team. Everybody wins!

Until OT happens and spoils the winning moment.


OT never really started. For the Nucks. LA were too greedy with the puck. Nucks never touched the puck (other than Marky). Not courteous visitors. We should never invite them back for an OT period in the ROG.

And worse, Brock lost his man and a LA goal happened. Not ever inviting them back for an OT period in the ROG. Green noted that Brock was looking a little rusty. At least that’s out of the way.

First loss for the Nucks in OT this season. That streak is out of the way too. Yay.

Felt like the Nucks played down to the Kings. Didn’t keep the pressure on or use their speed to dictate the pace until the 3rd period.

Still we knew, or I did - no one else in the kool-aid and rum drinking SPW saw the cold brutal reality - unlikely to sweep a back-to-back against the same team in today’s parity league.

This road Kings team played better than the lazy Kings in their home palace. Our freshly home from the road team was playing another road game, just without the 5 star hotel limo service and wave-by customs clearance.

Watch the vid recap - great rush by Bulldog (:50) in the 1st. Not so good finish by Littlethinger. A sure goal. It’s an open net and Loui shoots it to the goalie.

Whether the Nucks are playing more solid team D (it could happen) or the Kings are an ineffective offensive 31st place team, the shot count favoured the Blue ‘n Green. Vancouver outshot the Kings 33-25. And only gave up a few out-numbered rushes. Big change from that red-stink streak of 8.

Bo played over 23 minutes. Again. Beagle and Sutter can’t return soon enough to take some of the defensive FO burden off Bo. Once they return, the offensive Bo can have the fresh legs to Bo past defenders and take Xmas treats for us to the net and past the Grinchy goalies.

It was great to have Brock back on the ice after missing 11 games. His passing was a little off, but his energy was all there. Brock had 10 shot attempts, with 3 SOGs. Brock says he’s feeling good. Once he feels good and sharp, look out goalies, there’s a snappy wrister whistling by you soon.

At least the ROG has the time and space for the Green room.

And that weird section of the season is complete. Game 27 is over and 21 of them involved travel and too many celebrity tourist photo ops.

Can only get better from here. A day of rest. Or a day of practice. Only Travis knows for sure.

What we know is that the Nucks are back in the ROG on Thursday to face the suddenly super hot Stolen Knights. Uh-oh.

No worries, we beat Vegas for the first time ever last month and only sustained 3 Freakin’-Faerian visits in the game. And we have 2 of the 3 back, Tanev and Eddie, from the Faeries’ physio lounge. So, we’re almost winning before the game begins.

Almost. Until then, enjoy your wonderful Wednesday and get ready for a thunderous Thursday - in a good way - no dark faery clouds - only the thunder of ROG applause and cheers.