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Gamethread #26: Canucks vs Kings

How many losses can we get before heads roll?

NHL: Preseason-Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Are you like me? I never even thought Travis Green would get fired this year? And while he hasn’t, it seems weird that there isn’t even talk of it around here. The Canucks have lost 8 in a row. It is a forgone conclusion that Green gets a pass this year? I don’t think he should get special treatment. I don’t listen to Vancouver sports radio, so tell me, is there any talk of firing Green?

While we are at it, can we fire some Canucks as well. The amount of penalties this team has taken is testament to the coaching. Players are undisciplined and the coaching staff needs to start setting examples of players to say this needs to stop.

If the Canucks lose both of the next games, I need you to start calling radio shows asking for the Canucks to fire Green. Do it for your own sanity, do it for your it for me.

The Canucks play the Kings tonight. I hate the Kings and refuse to give them any more lines than this.

Oh...and I hope this means Pouliot sits tonight

Go Coconuts go.