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Recap: NUCKS WIN! 6th Straight Loss - Jettisoned 6-3

Leading the league in the 3rd period - in Goals Against. Your Vancouver Canucks

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks
Nifty Nik Nicks a Goal
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have predicted a Jets win in the ROG against the Faery-pilfered Nucks? Just about everyone.

The first evening home game in weeks was a nice change up. If you don’t care about the final score, it was an exciting night of hockey. If you were hoping for an underdog win against all odds, you’re odd.

Oh well... it was a fast paced game that was tighter than it looked on the shot count where the Jets put 49 shots on Marky, while the Nucks put a more goalie-sensitive 25 on HellerBlock.

1st Period

Speaking of lots of shots... the Jets started hot and in the first minutes put 11 shots on Marky. And he didn’t cave. Instead, he changed up the early MarkySoftie™ with an ambitious first assist. For Winnipeg.

At this point the Nucks had shot a single shot on goal. But, the Nucks goal-scoring approach is based on quality, not quantity.

Petey power play quality.

Pete beats Hellebuck over the blocker. Great setup from Goldy and Hutton.

See. Just need Gags back on the PP and good things happen.

Shots 11-2 Winterpeg. But game is tied 1-1. That’s not so bad.

It’s good. For the next 6 minutes. And that’s all we need to focus on.

Skip this tap-in on a rebound. Didn’t happen.

Blame the D. I do. Or blame Marky. I do. Or blame the tides. I do. Or blame the Faeries. I do.

Whatever, it’s only 2-1 in the first against the fast, heavy, skilled Jets. That’s not so bad.

And neither is this 3-1 tally by the Jets PP.

Other than the Jets have the #1 Power Play in the league. And the Nuck don’t have the #1 PK. That’s not fair and the NM Fair ‘n Something Officiating Committee will be investigating the mismatch at a time and place of their choosing. You’ve been warned, refs.

Anyhow the period ends in a 1-1 tie. Or 3-1 Jets if you didn’t skip the not so bad parts.

The Jets outshot the Nucks 23-7 in the period. 23 shots! The Nucks only managed 25 shots through three. It’s not fair. That’s why they say the new NHL is about league parity. Not a fair league.

Could have been worse. While Marky was shaky at the start he battled and it could have been 4-1. Or worse. Much worse.

2nd Period

With the tie on the line, the Jets were pressing hard to break the tie, for the 3rd or 4th time. And the refs wanted to help by giving the #1 PP in the league another oppourtunity because Stech was spontaneously penalised for for a little high stick artwork.

The not #1 PK killed off the penalty. Ha-ha!

But then, our almost #3 pick (we was robbed!), Laine breaks the tie into little bitter pieces. After Hutton tried to break Pete. And vice versa. Their collision caused instant open ice for Laine. Not the guy you want to give the gift of an open shooting lane. Here’s why.

Ugh. 4-1 Jets.

That’s an ugly score on the scoreboard. Someone needs to do something.

So... the Nucks #1 troublemaker made some trouble. Roussel made some rumble with Winterpeg’s tough guy, Byfuglien Tanev. The other Tanev. The thugie one.

Not only did Rousell get a fighting major and a Nucks game Misconduct, he got a slashing penalty, which Virt had to serve. means the Nucks get another chance to perfect their semi-good PK. And what a chance it was. If I told you that Motte got a shorthanded breakaway and scored, you’d doubt my career credibility stat, no matter how low. Show me the Mottely goal. Ok.

Boom! His 2nd of the season. Motte was hot all night. Could have had a hattie. Wouldn’t that have been fun? We’re just happy that the point-blank shot from Byfuglien was blocked by Bo’s skate blade. And not by Bo’s fleshy-faery parts. Bo’s our goto guy. And I cringe every time he blocks a shot.

That took the big swinging Jet powered momentum off the flight lines. And put the pesky comeback Nucks on the Jets contrails.

Speaking of pesky Pete. He’s relentless in either zone. Forces Myers into an unforced error. Tyler coughs the puck to Goldy, who snakes in front of the net around the goalie and slips the puck in the welcoming net. Slick move.

It’s a tie! Pretty much. Just 4-3 for the Jets. The game, the ROG, the game thread is alive with possibilities.

The Jets are choked. They played rag doll hockey with the Nucks in the first. Took a commanding lead in the 2nd and watched their commands turn to disobedience.

And the plucky Nucks even outshot the Jets. Almost. 10-9 for Winterpeg. 33-16 through 2. That’s not so bad - Nucks shot quality vs quantity 1:2 ratio is in play.

3rd Period

And off to the final period of play we go. With a little glimmer of comebackery in the Nucks full complement of NHL/AHL players.

Motte and Goldy had great chances to tie it up. Again. Motte was playing possibly his best game. As was Goldy. Our hockey Gaud was mere ughlimetres from scoring his first NHL goal.

However, you don’t get and keep the league lead for the most goals against in the 3rd without allowing...more goals.

And the Jets don’t seem to have any issue scoring goals at will. Especially with the stupid quick release from our almost 3rd pick (we was robbed!). Laine gets his 2nd of the game.

No chance for Marky. Or the Nucks. Game is out of reach.

All it needs is someone to get a hattie. Sorry Motte. It’s with our almost 3rd pick (we was robbed!) - Laine with the EN.

6-3 Jets.

The Peg led on shots with 49 - a Nucks season high shots allowed (or low if you believe stats can be depressing). The Nucks shot 25, which should be enough to win any game. In the 1st week of the season.

Despite the shelling, Marky had a respectable .896 SV% - stopped 43 of 48 he faced. Good news for MDZ fans, he was evens. Guds and Hutton took a -4 beating. Goldy now leads the team in assists with 10 - one more than Pete who has 12 goals through 17 games he’s played.

It was a fun game - fun to watch Pete on the ice - every shift he was making plays out of nothing.

How did Pete feel about it - doesn’t like to lose.

Keep getting better EP. We fully support your goal(s).

Since we have talked about Gags, but haven’t heard from him in a long time, let’s hear.

Over in the Green room, no one is making excuses for the infamous faery-infirmary.

And that wraps up the low section of the early season. 6 straight losses. Before that was the high part - 6 game undefeated in reg streak.

With this 6th straight and twisted loss, think the Nucks would be dropping into the Pacific basement. Nope. The Pacific basement is over-crowded. Nucks are still on the 3rd floor.

The Canucks have played more games than any team with 23, have travelled more miles than any other team and have more man games lost (quality adjusted).

With those stark stats in our NucksNation conversation, it’s time to get back on the road. Thanks, NHL. At least it’s a holiday road trip to Disneyland. The once mighty Ducks are next up in our sights.

Enjoy the best of the pre-hump day and get ready for a well-earned quack at winning on Wednesday.