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NUCKS WIN!! 96% of the Game! Lose 4-3 in SO.

Good Morning, Vancouver! Ugh. It’s too early.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres
Jake’s awake
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when you got up a 5AM to go play a peewee game? It was just like that for the Canucks. Except for better coffee and media coverage.

These eastern block weekend games can be tough. For wet coast fans. And even worse for those who have to watch with eyes still blurred by a Friday night that we can’t even recall just now.

1st Period

The period started before the civilised of NM had even shaken off sugar plum daiquiri dreams or porch climber nightmares.

Because the Nucks are sensitive to their fanbase, they refused to pot any hotdog goals while the fanbase were still having their caffeine beans selected, ground and steamed.

In other words, nothing happened worth getting up for. Certainly not for a Sabres goal.

However, despite the lack of nightlights, the Nucks put 15 shots on Carter Hutton. While the Boofoolo Blades put 10 on Marky. And stopped all of them. But that one.

Anyhow, while we’re still crawling out from under the couch, there’s still time to climb onto it.

2nd Period

Because the Nucks are sensitive to their fanbase, they refused to pot any hotdog goals until their fanbase had some more time to compose their thoughts and possibly even shower.

Most of the second ticked away in a 1-0 Buffalo tie. No need to rush the rush of ingesting whatever was leftover in yesterday’s coffee maker.

While The Nucks were testing Carter Hutton’s goose egg resolve and our foggy patience, our Swedish sniper decided to give Carter and us a wake up call. No, the other, older Swedish sniper.

Loui Scores! Again. In back-to-back games!

His multi-million dollar per goal rate is dropping. Quantity discount might still be in play.

Game is all tied up. The gamethread is semi-happy. Or at least less grumpy. Less grumpy that they’ll be later.

In the last 30 seconds, Virt goes for the pastries. And a goal!

We’re winning! And it’s not even noon yet. I know, how is that possible? I don’t know.

Canucks lead 2-1. Just like that. Out shot Buffalo 12-6.

3rd Period

Not looking like another 8 goal game. Fine. We can play the tight games too.

But, why take the chance? Besides, if Loui gets a goal in game, you know who must as well. Yes, you do. Guds, that’s who.

We’re done. Commanding 2 goal lead in a dingy hockey back water ice rink in the middle of the day.

Nothing more to say. Good team effort. Good win. Good play by Marky.

Until the last couple minutes. Then the slump-down Marky of 2017 made a special appearance. Just in time for a Skinner snipe that went way over Marky’s shoulder.

We’ve seen it before. No big deal.

Still have lead and the win.

Thanks for reading.

Wait. There’s still time on the clock? No......

Not just time, but time and space and juicy Marky rebounds too. All the ingredients for a...noooooo... yes, a tieing goal.

Deep Ughs were groaned across the gamethread. No nail-biter games are permitted this early in the day. Just no.

With less than a minute to go, the goony Blades take a penalty. Good news. A Nucks powerplay in the last seconds of the 3rd or 1st minute of OT. Just enough time for a sweet Pete snipe. Bad news. No Pete snipe gets a goal. Ugh.

Off to OT we go.

In OT, a Sneaky Pete snipe is interrupted by Skinner taking down Pete.

Good news. Another Nucks powerplay. Good for the Sabre rattlers at least.

Four powerplays and no goals does not a game winning road game narrative build. So...yes... we’re off to Marky’s nightmare for the 2nd time in 3 games.

The Shootout.

Do you want to know the disappointing details? Me neither. Suffice it to say Hutton robs Pete. But not Granlund. Marky robs no one but Reinhart. And the Boooofoooolow Booou Sabres win 4-3.

I don’t want to say it. But Bo can.

Yes, it was. On the bright side, the Nucks put 39 shots on the Hutton. While dropping his gross .953 SV% to a humbling .923 SV%.

And Marky managed to recover that dismal SV% that won him the previous game to gain a respectable .919 SV% that lost him this game.

Still, there were some bright points, Guds is a red hot Movember man.

Over in the road Green room, the highlights weren’t quite as bright.

Not getting it done is just fine. No, really. This ragtag faery-whipped roster can’t be expected to win them all - even if they had won all but two minutes of the game.

They’ll learn from this and play better, stronger and close out more semi-tight games. And we’ll learn to sleep in on Saturdays because some games aren’t worth getting up for only to go down again.

So...enjoy your afternoon nap - and remember to wakeup by Monday afternoon in the Big Apple. Yes, the Rags will be spoiling our tea time again. Happy napping till then!