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Gamethread #18: Canucks vs Sabres

The battle of the Swedes...without Sedins?

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

How much do we love the early morning Saturday game?

The thing that will wake up those from a heavy hangover is the thought of 8 more goals.

Can you imagine it? I couldn’t imagine this line up getting 8 goals to start with. I can imagine the Canucks letting in goals. And if they aren’t careful, this Buffalo lineup could due it. Skinner, Pominville and Eichel are putting up some big numbers of their own.

The big thing most want to see with this Sabres team is the number one overall pick, Rasmus Dahlin. The big Swede is impressing a lot of people with his defense. His offence is still developing, but things look pretty rosy for Buffalo in the future.

The more wins the Canucks can get before they start playing division rivals, the better.

Go Coconuts Go!