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Gamethread #3: Canucks vs Hurricanes

Game two on the road...looking for a win

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks head out to North Carolina to play the Hurricanes. I’m sure not too many people around there will cheer for a hurricane after what has happen there over the past month, but they might cheer for the Metropolitan division Hurricanes. The Hurricanes scored 8 goals in their last game against the Rangers and it wouldn’t surprise me to see another game like that today.

The Canucks are coming off another good 40 minute performance. Too bad the last 20 minutes was allowed to be played. Much like every other Canuck fan, I am wondering when Boeser is going to show up. Make he can bring Sven with him. Marky has played pretty well and I have noticed it, which means the defense has not done it’s job. I’m shocked.

This game is a little early for the west coast, but I love it.

Go Coconuts Go!