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Game 12 Preview: Canucks vs Pens

The boys are back in town!

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
He’s back and he’s taking names.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve WON the lottery. Again. Twice even.

The Fickle Fairy Foibles Lotto. The Faeries take. And take. And take. And take.

And then they get caught overeating at the all-you-can-crunch injury buffet. And have to return some star dishes.

And Yay! We get to see our star dishes again!

Pete is off the Faeries required meal plan. Yay!

And even better, our powerplay power duo can resume normal goal feast service!

And no pressure, but the Canucks are facing a Pens team on a mission to score one million goals on a single road trip.

Sid scored an impossible goal in Edmonton and the Pens blew up, out and down the barely combustible cowtown candles 9-1 on Thursday. So we are going to need triple hatties from Elias and Brock in this game. That’s not asking so much. Because...

We can’t expect much from our #1 shutdown D-pairing. The faeries are are still dining on D-flesh. Edler is playing MRI fantasy with the faeries. Tanev is combating abdominal snowpucks wounds in the infamous faery infirmary. And Sven is still swigging starlight from the concussion suffered in a Vegas casino ice palace.

The highly unpredictable defence the Nucks deployed in Arizona will be our best hope against unfriendly - and friendly fire. Hope Nilly gave Marky the ‘trust no one’ pep talk, rather than the ‘zone is only cleared once the red light flashes’ scenario.

The lineup, as predicted by Batch and faery fate.

Just substitute Bulldog for Tanev and the #1D pairing is all settled. Holy crap, we’re doomed! Less doomed than ever before.

Would be so much fun to win a run ‘n gun game against the Pens. Could this be the one? Probably not. Doesn’t matter. Just having Pete and Brock back in the lineup is reward enough. Ok, in the lineup, feeling good, making moves and scoring goals is reward enough.

Enjoy the game no matter how many dozens of goals Sid gets. Or doesn’t get. Just be happy the six game gameless streak is over for Pete.

The freshly renewed fun-to-watch Canucks bring the fun to us at 7PM PDT live at the ROG.