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Game 10 Preview: Canucks in Vegas, Baby

What stays in Vegas always gets out.

Just another average Vegas event

Canucks vs Stolen Knights 7 PM PDT

SN360 TV - SN650 radio

Do you feel lucky? Last season the house money team were feeling more than lucky. Almost became an unwanted surrogate step-child to Westy Destiny. So very close...but some untimely pizza indigestion swallowed that dream like a tilted roulette wheel on ice.

The team the Nucks face tonight in Sin City is not the same Cinderella group we lost every game to last year. Now, Vegas is just like every other team in the league - a history of big contracts, ageing goalie and wrestling with the idea a .500 record is just good enough.

Even if they’re having a little sophomore slump, the Stolen Knights are a fun team to watch. Like the Canucks were in the first five.

What makes this game more challenging is...

The pressure only mounts on the surviving players...because...Dad is watching.

Where there’s gum, there’s pressure. It’s a hockey axiom.

Our roster is down a couple of key players already, Archie is back up from the farm, but, more help is only a personal injury waiver away...

While all the Nucks players will want to win this game for Dad, it would push the gaudy 5-4 record into Cup-run whisper territory. Because... like last season, the first 10 games are a highly accurate indicator of the next 72.

Happy to see they’re not rushing Pete back into the line up - no matter how bored he is. I’d be ok with Brock skipping this one or more if that’s what it takes to get him feeling good in the lethal sniper zone.

Vegas will be pushing to break their 500 ceiling. With a depleted roster. Nate Schmidt is still out with a nagging cold remedy. Paul Stastny is visiting the local faery ranch. And Deryk Engelland is nursing a undisclosed something. Happily or sadly, Vegas is without our former delivery specialist as well.

Worth noting the Stolen Knight powerplay is ranked 31st in the league. Right where a newbie expansion team ought to be. Which means our penchant for extra sinbin time, won’t face the punishing odds as at the crap tables down the road.

Enjoy the glitz, the glittering display of Vegas peezazz on ice!