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Gamethread #10: Canucks vs Vegas!

On the road Vegas Baby!

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start with the bad news. No Brock and no Petey. Teamtank’s wet dream. Don’t worry, we might not need them against a Vegas team that seems to be....average? If this trend continues in Vegas, they might actually look like an expansion team in 3 years. Vegas seems to have the same problem the Canucks have, only one line seems to be scoring. With James Neal going to Calgary and Paul Stastny out for 2 months, the Golden Knights goal lights have had a reprieve from last year’s torrid pace.

The Canucks absolutely have to play better than they did last game. I think even with their best lineup the Canucks would have lost to the Caps, but they didn’t really play a tight checking game that got them wins in Pitt and against Boston. A 5-4 Canucks team is one that I am excited about. Stealing a division tonight might get me to drink that 2nd beer tonight.

Go Coconuts Go!