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Gamethread #9: Canucks vs Capitals

The Stanley Cup champs are in town.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

How about those Canucks! We all kind of wondered what would happen when Petey got injured. Where would the offense come from? Lo and behold the Canucks are playing pretty good team defense. I know.....I’m a little scared as well. 2-1 games are what I expected this year, but just not with the Canucks winning.

Goalie controversy? Who cares as long as the Canucks win. At what point though, does #teamtank really start complaining about the winning and start yelling we want Hughes!

The Capitals lost their last game and come into Vancouver with a piss poor record. Too much time with the Cup in the summer. The last time the Caps were in Vancouver the Canucks whooped them 6-1, but that has really been the only highlight for Vancouver in the past 3 years as they have lost every other game to the Caps.

I look forward to a high scoring game...maybe some more Hutton hits this time as well.

Go Coconuts Go!