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Canucks -Bruins Game recap

Canucks win another at home

NHL: Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s call this a Sunday morning recap. Nothing to loud and boisterous.

Take 9 minutes and relive the game.

Game notes:

Brandon Sutter had been much maligned in the off season and pre-season, mostly because people are still upset about his salary vs the role he plays. Last night’s game shows the value of Sutter as the was no Marchand, Bergeron or Pastrnak on the score sheet because they had to play against Sutter. Brandon scoring from his knees in the first was the icing on the cake.

Jacob Markstrom has made a deal with the devil. I think three goal posts saved his 6’6 ass and Troy Stetcher pulled another puck off the line.

Boeser, Gaudette and Goldobin were all above 50% CF for the game. That is a good sign against a possession team like Boston. Gaudette/ Virts is a combo that worked pretty well in the corners and Boeser seems to be getting back into form and finding the areas away from the puck to get open for shots. Boeser’s play in O/T set up a great goal by Horvat.

Both Boeser and Horvat played over 20 minutes last night and were defensively responsible. Speaking of defense, Goldy might actually getting the knack for it. All the tough love Travis Green has dished out is paying off so far. Now let’s hope all of these guys start scoring more goals.

By the way, Sutter played with Roussel and Loui most of the night. This is the shutdown line. So for those of you looking Loui to break out and start scoring.....good luck. Roussel is a pest and knows how to get to a puck, but he does have hands of stone. So if Loui is fetching the puck, I hope it goes out to Sutter to shoot.

Hey, the Canucks are second in the division. Take a picture.

In other news, The Kings suck. They lost 5-1 to Buffalo last night and have allowed 28 goals in 8 games. The Oilers are better than the Kings. Damn. The Ducks are in first in the division but lost to the Golden Knights. This division is all over the place so far.

Canucks face the Stanley Cup champ Capitals (say that fast 5 times) on Monday.

It’s Sunday and if you can’t get out of bed, give the podcast a listen.