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Travis Responds To NM. And the Media.

Still a dirty a dirty league

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes
He’s Mad As Hell and Will Take It
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Still defending the payback on the scoreboard. And emphasises that neither he nor any of the players saw the hit. So...situational awareness is more rare on this team than even we thought. Everyone on the ice and bench always puck-gazing... what about Green’s eagle eyed emphasis about playing away from the puck?

Doesn’t take the refs to task - only hints that emotions were running high. Jean Hebert and Francois St.Laurent will likely not face any public humiliation. We’ll never know if there was any private discipline by the league. The NHL officials cabal is more secretive than the Stone Cutters. And operated about as well. If the NHL DoPS is a joke, then the officiating is the punchline.

Enjoy the rest of this miserable charade.

Charade Update:

At least it’s something. And justice can appear to be served. Diluted and distant. But, oh well, the National Bush League now needs to turn its distant gaze on its officiating standards and processes. Still no word on the number of game suspensions without pay the negligent refs will face.