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You want blood...get ready to lose some.

Revenge is a waste of time

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

That’s the way it is supposed to work. It’s that simple. A player does something that leads to an injury of another and NHL Player Safety reviews the play and punishes the player.

That is the new NHL.

I didn’t grow up with this NHL. I grew up with “The Code”. You hit my best player, get ready to answer the bell. Guds had to live with the code in game one of the year. He fulfilled his part by answering the bell and looked what happened. Harmonic, doing his “job” enforcing the code, got injured, fighting a much larger guy in Guds. I saw people on Twitter calling for Guds to answer the bell again in game two, even though he had fulfilled his part.

After seeing the “hit” on Pettersson last night by Matheson, my gut instinct was “Matheson will pay later.” But Travis Green and the Canucks played the way they are supposed to play.

Play to win.

The lust for blood on the internet after Pettersson went to the dressing was at Dracula levels. And some of the calls from the internet were hypocritical. If you want player safety to do their job, then calling for revenge on the ice at the same time makes you look like an ass.

The idea that a guy like Guds or Roussel would prevent any play from happening is not logical. In the heat of the moment, Matheson threw Elias down. Even he drew up a dastardly plan to injure Elias, no Canuck could have stopped him. The idea that a tough can stop other teams from running players have never worked.


How can I make such a big bold statement? Hockey has been around for decades and players keep getting run and injured. Enforcers don’t work.

The only real hope in this day and age, if you want the best players to be safer, is to have strong and consistent enforcement from NHL Player Safety. They need to step up and do their job to end the calls of on ice revenge

The Canucks did the right thing last night in trying and winning the game, instead of trying to get revenge.

If you want Canuck players to go after other players for dirty plays, then get ready for the cycle to continue.

Winning is more important.