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Gamethread #5: Canucks vs Panthers

Let’s make it 2 road wins in a row

NHL: Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure what happened last game. The Canucks were not supposed to walk out of that building with a win. And with the amount of penalties the Nucks took, you have to give credit to special teams and the goalie again. The Canucks are a team of goons it seems.

Who cares as long as they win!

Today they face a Panthers team that is without their #1 goalie and our #1 fan favorite ex-Canuck. Luongo is getting up in years and has teammates who keep running into him and injuring him. That needs to stop or else the Canucks salary cap with take a major beating if he retires. Florida has lost it first two games of the year, but it has a team with some scorers on it. Bjugstad, Barkov, Hoffman.....McCann? I wonder when the Twitterati will let that trade go? You’re right, probably never. But as of right now, Guds has more points than McCann!

The Canucks playing on the road early might be the best thing for this team as it tries to create a new Sedin-less identity. Sweeping Florida teams would do wonders for the confidence of this team.

I’ll just leave this here

Go Coconuts Go!