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Are we all on the same page?

The Canucks are going to lose a lot this year.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Last year I came here and proclaimed the Canucks would win the Stanley Cup. I lied.

This year I am coming to you with a new message: The Canucks will suck this year.

I know that you might not believe me since I created the narrative of winning last year, but we all knew the team was going to be bad last year and it seemed like fun at the time. This year though, jeez….I can’t even fake it. I saw the Canucks of the 1980’s. Let me rephrase that, I erased the brutality of the Canuck teams of the 1980’s from my mind. Unfortunately, watching the hot mess of a preseason has re-booted those memories and now I fear the worst might be upon us.

There are some that think this team could…..might be able to….with some luck, be a bubble team. I say poppy-cock. The only bubble Vancouver is near is a housing bubble. This team is only younger due to the Sedins retiring. The replacements do not improve this team. The free agent signings make me shake my head every single time I think about them. I wish I could stop thinking about them.

I went over and looked at the ESPN rankings for forwards, d-men and goalies. I usually don’t give their writer’s much credit since LeBrun is gone, but even they seemed to know how bad this team was. They had our forwards ranked dead last…..but not our defense. They should look at our defense again.

The word re-build has been used to death over the past few years and again, some would say that the rebuild began a couple years ago, but to this I say meh. I know the dictionary version of the word re-build, but let’s think about the common-sense version. To re-build this franchise, it would have to hit a low point. I don’t think this franchise has hit that yet, but it could this year.

The Canucks had 69 points two years ago. I don’t think this team is any better than that team. The 1997-98 Canucks team had Bure and Messier on it and the team only got 64 points. I’m not sure this team is better than that team. if this team gets the same amount of points as last year....that’s a win.

I don’t bring all this doom and gloom, without adding a sliver of light. This team has “potential” and there are players in Utica who could come up and blossom into good NHL players. This year will be about learning from mistakes, seeing if younger players can step up, winning some games in the third period and putting some winning streaks together. We need this group to become a team.

The team also needs us and the media to show patience. I can cheer for a team that makes mistakes trying to win. I get frustrated at a team that is trying not to lose. I wonder which team we will get this year.