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Canucks lose to the Caps 3-1...

Three different crap goals lead to a loss

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I would like to apologize to the NM faithful who come here and expect to see a preview and a gamethread. One was there and one was not. The gamethread was put up and the system that SBN uses to schedule and post articles up on the front page, just does not work. Plain and simple. But one of us should have checked….our fault.

This is the Canucks started the night:

This is how the night ended:

Here is what happened in between. The Canucks powerplay has been one the few bright spots of the season. When you have a guy like Brock that can shoot from anywhere with accuracy, it makes easier for other guys to get lanes to shoot. That’s what happened on the first goal of the game, as Brock was getting special attention and this let Edler shoot cleanly and Daniel get a deflection goal.

The first Washington goal…well…yeah, kind of sums up Vancouver this year. They run around in their own end…get pushed around…try to correct a mistake and then give up a goal that should have been stopped.

Del Zotto should just let the net fall. Markstrom was crouched into a small ball and wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Notice how small Marky makes himself and still the puck gets through him. Does Swedish cheese have holes in it like Swiss cheese?

The next goal is another one that has no right on this planet to go in. Jacob Markstrom is listed at 6’6. That is a small forward or a shooting guard in the NBA. He is 2 and a half feet taller than net before the skates come on. So how in the hell does any puck get over his shoulders? And…..deep breath… keeps fucking happening!!

Here is a picture of the puck going over our mountain of a goalie. Chico Resch was a taller guy in the net. Go look him up.


The last Caps goal was icing on the cake. A Marky rebound that shouldn’t have been and a Guds hand pass into the net.

And after all of this bad play by Del Zotto, Guds and Marky, the guy that will probably be traded is the guy who made a hit and took on the next guy in response to the hit.

This road trip is the final nail in the coffin to any talk of playoffs.

Canucks lose 3-1