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NUCKS WIN!!! (Fact) Down the Avs 4-3 in OT

In a game of ups and downs, Nucks get to finish up down on the comeback up.

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks
Baer puts a Brocket on Bernier and gets batted for it
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

What a difference an All-Star break makes. Brock is the first Canucks player ever to be named All-Star Game MVP. Could the Canucks carry over the Brock-solid momentum into an actual fan-paid-for hockey game?

Yes, they could. For at least 2.11 periods.

Remember the last game before the last game? Unlike the last game, in the game against LA the Nucks had the best start of a game and scored 4 goals in the first and won the Cup of NM Praise. Feel bad that Westy didn’t wash it out after the last NM staff meeting debauchery before the centre ice recap presentation ceremony.

Like that game, the Nucks started strong and won the period, but without the gaudy showoffy win the game in the 1st thing.

1st Period

How good was the start? It was BOlicious. Thanks for asking.

Some good pressure by the Nucks in the first few minutes. And then at the 6 minute mark on a bobbled puck play at the Nucks blueline by Vanek, he recovers and performs the seldom seen squirt pass to a streaking Bo.

The lead. 1-0 Nucks. The real Nucks, not those no-touch hockey impostors that pretended to play Buffalo last week.

And since this game is off to a real good start, what about a goal from one of the much-maligned Orca backend? Sure. Not often a scoring threat, but why not our D for a change.

On a good puck possession play from Virt - the boy can be strong on the puck when he’s not playing no-luck passing moves - Virt sends the puck to the point, Tanev sends it over to MDZ and he scores on a high wrist shot on a visually challenged Bernier.

Nucks up 2-0 to end the 1st period. Two points for the much-maligned, or as some say not sufficiently maligned, inoffensive Nucks D.

Shots are 11-8 for the Avs, but they don’t get the NM shot count winning trophy, because we’re a bunch of unfair homers.

2nd Period

Game is in the bag and ready to be delivered to the recap/rehab/refaked facilities at NM HQ for final analysis and self-back-patting scrutiny.

However, it seems that the Avs didn’t get the memo about Canucks home game protocol. The protocol clearly states that if the Canucks are leading after the first, the game is in the bag and can’t be removed without the Westy’s permission. If then.

So...the Avs aren’t great fine print readers, but are a much improved hockey team and start pressuring the Canucks.

MacKinnon is a beast on skates and likes to hit Eddie and knock him down. A lot. And the ever creative, Markstrom, is Pelé on skates. Almost.

The Avs must have heard the blatantly fake reports that Marky allows at least one Softie™ per game and went head to head to receive it. Or puck to head. Or something.

On a high shot, Marky headed the puck expecting to deflect it high into the air and sail 200 feet to rest in the Avs net. Instead, the puck dropped like our fan’s jaws. Right to Compher who shot it over the sprawling Marky. It was a McWeirdie™.

But wait, there’s more. Weird bounces. A shot on Marky from the blueline is stopped, rebounds high and then tipped by Landeskog’s arm into the net in a Gauncean fashion.

In NHL parlance, two weirds make a tie.

But wait. There’s more.

On an Avs power play, Landeskog buries the puck. In the water bottle holder. Shouldn’t equip our net with water puck holders. Shouldn’t have counted. Because...reasons.

No matter. It counted and now the Avs are leading in the second. Weird. We won the first, do we really have to win the 2nd now too? WTH! That’s like a mini-version of winning back-to-back home games. And that’s not our forte at this point of the building up rebuild.

Late in the period, Edler hit MacKinnon hard while MacKinnon was trying to put the hit on Eddie (for the 10th time in the game). MacKinnon left the game after the collusion. Or collision. Avs probably feel it was the former.

Canucks outshoot the Avs 11-10 and win the prestigious NM shot count winning trophy. And lose the period. Oh well. One out of two ain’t bad.

3rd Period

The number of times the Canucks have come back in the 3rd to win the game at home is exactly the number we can’t reveal in an uptempo (so far) recap.

Still...the Nucks start the period on a 5-on-3 power play. On some good puck recovery work from Gags and Eddie, Brock sets up a little Sedinery for the Twins’ pass and a goal nostalgicentsia.

Boom! We’re winning again! It’s a 3-3 tie in the bottom top of the 3rd.

And the Nucks are still on the powerplay. They can put the game away.

Or...they can just leave it on the ice to freeze the thoughts of the easy peasy comeback win in reg.

Drama. You want drama. Admit it. Thousands of fans didn’t, but the Nucks knew what they were doing. Driving us crazy.

And then Marky played with the pit of our stomachs...made an easy play look really hard and then made a really good save off Colin Wilson to keep the tie alive. Must win the tie.

And we did.


Everyone in the NM gamethread was nervous. Those that hadn’t passed out from the stress were too busy breathing into paper bags to type.

Not to worry, Sven wants to play MVP Shot Accuracy home-style edition. Big-Bada-Baer and we’re done.

That was Tanev’s 3rd assist on the night. He’s a goal-setting-up D-machine. For tonight.

Video highlights from the up and down and up again game.

Brock got a point to keep his Calder Cup hopes flowing. Marky got a .900 SV% and the win - which is just as good as a win, but Marky mentioned post-game that it wasn’t quite the win he wanted. Dank was a little cranky about the 2nd period droop too.

The Canucks delivered 14 hits to the Avs’ 27. Still better than the no-hitter Boofooloo game. The power play was 1-for-4. And the PK was 3-for-4. The Canucks were the puck scoopers in the dot, winning 61%. Hank won a crazy 83% of his draws. Bo was 53% and Gags 71%.

The Canucks win a game that many of the fickle factoring NM SPWers had cruelly calculated as one for the Avs. Not the Boestest win in this home stand, but when you’re sucking up the stinky air in the league’s basement, there are no bad wins.

Bo was riding the booster bus, with a hungry eye for more.

Sven was thrilled to impersonate our All-Star sniper with his perfectly placed shot.

Over in the pretty good Green was a pretty good presser.

After the All-Star break, we’re into the home stretch. Which is really short. Just two more home games and then it’s off to the east for some February road madness.

Next game up is one of our former bitter rivals. It’s more of a simmering in roasted Hawks sauce sort of rivalry now. Chicago are on the outside looking at either tee times around the league’s green belts or trying for an improbable run to make the wild dance card.

We only need to be concerned with booking some rounds for them in the May golf schedule at the lower mainland links our team will be frequenting. See you on Thursday for a battle of the bottom.

Have a great thumpy hump day, a Super Blue Moon and a tremendous day after.