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Nice job Brock.

You had to show everyone how good you are.

NHL: All Star Game
Show off.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Nice job Brock.

Every hockey fan in North America now knows who you are and how good your shot is.

Nice job Brock.

You’re now going to covered more closely than a beer coming out of my fridge. I get that it’s a big honor getting chosen for the all-star team in your first year and that you get a bonus for doing so. But you have created so many more headaches for yourself. You should have just faked injury and sat it out.

But noooooo. You went out there and won the accuracy competition and then won the MVP trophy. What the hell man! We’re trying to get a rebuild off the ground here and your taunting other players and coaches with the “Flow”, smooth skating skills, a deadly shot and natural instincts on where to be on the ice. I wish you would not have been that good. I want teams to underestimate you and you want to be great.

You’re spoiling us with this play and crushing us at the same time because I want to see you in the playoffs. But we know that won’t happen for a couple years yet. Damn you Brock.

Ok…I’m done venting.

The most interesting time of the year is upon us. The trade deadline is Feb 26th.

One thing we know is that the Sedins will not be going anywhere…no matter how much we ask them.

The real debate is which defenseman will be moved before the deadline. Edler and Tanev seem safe, but after that I think it’s wide open. Guds seems to be most fans choice as his contract expires at the end of the year, but Ben Hutton could also be on the move. Guds to Winnipeg….with Trouba out for an extended period, could it be possible? I say no….Guds is too slow for that team. The rumor of Del Zotto to Chicago was a twitter creation by one reporter with no other Chicago reporter giving it the time of day.

The arguments for and against keeping Thomas Vanek are both reasonable. Vanek could bring a draft pick at the deadline, but he almost might be useful for another year at the same price. Some will argue that he takes time away from younger players if he stays, but realistically there is only one forward that could crack the lineup next year and that’s Gaudette. Get rid of Nic Dowd…there is space.

The Canuck Way ran an article that dealt with trading Markstrom this year. Actually, it was more about other teams with goalie problems and how Marky could fit into those teams in exchange for a draft pick. We would then be left with Nilsson and Demko. I would actually prefer to trade Nilsson for a bag of pucks and bring Demko up. Or trade both of this year’s goalies in the offseason and sign a vet to play with Demko next year. I’m crazy like that.

How about this hypothetical:

Erik Karlsson to Van for Chris Tanev, 1st pick 2018, 2nd round pick 2019.