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Gameday Preview.....and other stuff.

The Canucks take more dirty hits from the press than from the Kings. Buffalo sneaks into town as well.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

How about that blowout last game? I barely took a swig of my “getting ready to watch a loss” beer and Loui decided to earn some of his $6 million this year with 2 quick goals. I thought my wife may have added something to the beer to make me hallucinate, so I switched to scotch and saw two more goals in the period. I would almost be willing to take losing all the remaining games if the Canucks won every game against California teams.

I love Vancouver media and the twitteratti. The cry for blood after Bo got hit is getting more play than the way the Canucks skated hard and punished the Kings for their douchebaggery. The masses complain when you have Dorsett and Prust on your team to answer those types of hits and then they complain when you don’t have those players to hit a guy like Lewis after he hits Brock. I’ll take the team that scores quickly and often on the PP instead of the tit for tat physical play that is supposed to intimidate other teams.

The pushback came in the form of a goal on the PP. It seems that fans want a guy who is willing to drop the gloves at a moment’s notice, but they have to score 25+ goals or they are just a knuckle-dragger. Of course there are those that believe that a kid who has offensive talent needs to step up because he has fought in junior.

Yes...that’s it. Jump the guy anyways because the fans have anger and want blood.

In other news..

Oh my....yes please. Imagine a team with not one....not two, but three talented goal scorers? Brock...Bo....Adam. I see him playing with the Sedins and performing better than Jake. Jake needs to be on a line that creates off the rush and drives to the net. Of course that means Jake has to play more he did against LA and not like he played in Edmonton.

Buffalo comes into town after sweeping both games in Alberta. But don’t let the games fool you, the Sabres suck. Also, Buffalo hasn’t won in Vancouver in almost 7 years. Have I jinx the Canucks enough yet? Evander Kane is still a Sabre but is available and a lot of the rumors have him back in the western conference soon....just not with the Canucks. I think he just end up in New York with the Rangers because....well...Gorton wants to be the new Sather.

Game day song

I’m not one to post music usually, but the news that Neil Diamond has stopped all touring due to Parkinson’s is very sad indeed. So sit back and enjoy the soothing voice of Neil.