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Canucks WIN! (No, really.) Blowout the Kings 6-2. At HOME! (Really.)

LA maybe awful, but rarely when they play us this season. Until Now.

NHL: JAN 23 Kings at Canucks
The Boest Revenge Ends In The Net
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When was the last time we enjoyed a 4 Nucks goal home 1st period? I’ll wait.

No, I won’t. It was wayback in 2011. That was a great year, right? I’ll wait.

Yes, yes it was. It was when we punished opposing team’s indiscretions early and often on the power play.

Master Power of Play coach Brown did it then. And is doing it now. Tonight we had probably the best power play in the universe - definitely in the building.

And since we have so - so many Canucks goals to cover, let’s get covered. In slump-busting net-warping joy.

1st Period

I don’t know how to describe this start. This isn’t how the Canucks I know and love open the 1st period at home. Fast, effective breakouts. Smart rushes that catch one of the league’s premier goalies looking like he’s left his mojo at the Roxy.

A minute in and the puck is in LA’s net. Scored by Loui?

Yes, Loui. Got his own rebound and an already befuddled Quick isn’t quite quick enough.

1-0 Canucks. That’s like 100000% more goals than they had in the previous game.

But wait. There’s more.

With a give and go with Bo, Loui gets his second of the game and we’re not at the 4 minute mark of the period! There was a Tsunami warning on the wet coast earlier. The Kings were getting theirs a little late.

It’s 2-zip Nucks!

LA hasn’t had a shot on Marky yet. It’s Xmas at the ROG! The Xmas we didn’t get when the Faeries were holding Bo hostage by the ankle.

And the gifts just keep breaking away at center ice. On a sweet pass from Loui, the never-that-speedy Vanek swoops in on Quick and blows a shot over his sinking shoulder - we’ve seen that goalie technique before.

3-0 Nucks. Not even close to half way through the period. Will LA ever get a shot on Marky? Did the tsunami hit reality and bump us into an alternate universe?

Turns out we didn’t get hit by a tsunami, but Marky did get hit by a Kings shot. And worse, was victimised by a pass out front from Kopi to Iafallo - who scored. Sutter missed his check and Iafallo didn’t miss his shot. Oh well.

It’s the Canucks at home - have to give the opponents a little something to keep their spirits up before the inevitable blowout blows them into Georgia Strait.

Bo was a monster in the dot. Won 21 faceoffs (75% - that’s crazy good) against a team with reportedly great FO skills.

And yes, before the period ended, the Canucks added the 4th tally on the power play. Baer brings it into the zone - Vanek fires a slap pass, Baer’s first attempt hits Doughty and back to Baer and past Quick.

4-1 Nucks after one. Wow! The NM gamethread is calling the game now - phoning Gary B. at home to switch off the lights and let LA catch an early flight.

They might as well have. The Kings are dethroned, deflated, defeated.

Vancouver outshot LA 15-7. LA didn’t get a shot until after Vancouver had 3 goals!

Still...we need to keep the game going a little longer, because it’s the Boest thing to do.

2nd Period

At 4:24 on the deadly Nucks power play, Brock busted the micro-slump. And moved from the #22 plateau to #23. Sneaking in from the point, backhands Bo’s rebound past soon-to-be-sulking Quickly on the bench.

5-1 Canucks! At Home!

Darcy the backup goalie takes over for LA. And LA gets their own power play goal from a Kopi shot that Marky didn’t see because all he saw was Brown butt. You can’t imagine how horrible that looks. You don’t even want to try at home.

However, that token LA comeback gambit was flattened into the boards by Brock’s payback gambit.

The Nucks were on power play - again - #14, or so it seemed, when douche-nozzle Lewis cross-checked Brock into the boards. Brock was hurting. The refs whistled play before calling the penalty and Brock had to start the power play on the bench. No matter.

Within seconds of Bo winning the face off, Brock is over the boards and setting up shop for the laser one-timer.

7 games on plateau #22 and three minutes on #23. Brockstar has 24 goals in 45 games! He sat out a few.

Vancouver undershot LA 8-13, but scored MOAR goals. Nucks waaay up 6-2 at the end of the 2nd. And the game.

3rd Period

While LA got more douchey as per their MO, didn’t get more lucky. We did. A possible 3rd LA goal was challenged and the refs voted Marky was aggrieved on the play. While the Zebras were letting the slash-a-minute marathon carry on, they didn’t tilt the ice more than 2 degrees.

And Virt gave Lewis a little payback hit to finish the game on a strong note. Green double-shifted him after the hit.

Marky was sharper and setter than Quick (.737 SV% - ouch!) on the night with a .938 SV%. Stopped 30 of 32 shots. Actually stopped all but one that he saw.

Enjoy the video highlights! So many goals! Just for us!

Bo was a beast. And Green was a genius conducting the line blender symphony.

Brown’s genius power play was 3 for 7 on the night. 42.8% success rate probably not maintainable - who cares? I’d be happy with a 41.5% effective PP. The Nucks PK was great allowing only 1 goal on 5 kills.

Loui had 3 points on the night. He looked more motivated - playing with Bo can do that.

Bo had two Apples - he looked real good. Vanek had 3 points - he’s looking real good for a contender. Even Gags and MDZ got a point. Eddie had 2 helpers. The Sedins didn’t get any apples on the PP, but were passing sharp and setup some dangerous plays.

Finally...the presser we’ve been waiting far too long for - live from the Green room - it’s Travis LineMaster G.

Lesson learned. Winning at home is more fun than the other thing. Especially when the goal fairies and the team plays so amazing in the first half of the first period. It’s possible to win a whole game in the first. Who knew?

Not Edmonton - they were beaten at home 5-zip by the league’s most lowly basement dweller. And those not-so-rusty Sabres will be here on Thursday to play the Canucks.

With almost our complete roster, the mean Green blender on the surprise setting, this is the team we knew last November. The 500 Canucks. They’re back!

At least we hope so. A two game win streak at home is the sort of tale told on the neverland express before it was decommissioned by Westy. And reality. Maybe, just maybe, the little train that did for awhile might make a game of it in the remainder of the season. Tune in Thursday to find out.

Have a great hump day and a tremendous day after.