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Game Preview/ Gamethread: Canucks vs Kings

Vancouver comes after a long road trip to face the Kings.

Dom Gagne-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks must be happy to back in their own beds again. That road trip ended on a sweet and sour note, as Bo returned to us, but the Nucks dropped the last two games. Most of the talk over the past few days has been about the return or retirement of the Sedins. Henrik danced around the reporters with great non-answers like this,

So, I have to live with them coming back for one more year? Is that a threat? Sounded like a threat to me. Or maybe it's the Dirty Harry voice in my head that's reading the comment.

The LA Kings come into Vancouver on a winning note as they beat the Rangers in their last game. And what a feisty game it was. I think the Kings might be one of those teams that turns on the jets in the second half. They have the players but it seems like they need a little adversity to get moving in the right direction. Any game against the Kings is going to be hard hitting. The question is, can the Canucks move the puck of their zone in a controlled manner? The Canucks have had a real hard time gaining entry into the oppositions end this year and if you can't get the puck into the Kings just won't score.

I don't know if Jake plays tonight, but I will leave this post here for you to ponder

Go Coconuts Go!