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Game Preview/Gamethread: Canucks vs Ducks

First game of the new year...guess whose back?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to 2018!!

Let’s forget all those losses of last year and move on to some winning. How was that? Enthusiastic enough? The Canucks are right where most of us expected them to be. But something has been different this year, which has brought more excitement to the games.

And his name is Travis Green. The coach has done well juggling lines while the injury took her pound of flesh for 2017. Some of the flesh returns tonight in the form of Chris Tanev. The injury pool also starts tonight. How many games until Tanev misses another game? Put your guesses down below. I say 10 games.

Standings Jan2/18

Squint at those numbers and look for the positives. We are tied with the Oilers almost half way through the year. Who would have predicted that?

The Anaheim Ducks waddle into town holding on to the last wildcard spot, having gained Ryan “team quitter” Kesler back from injury.


Let’s dream ahead

Let’s start the new year on a good skate and bring lively conversation tonight. I might even swear at you if things go right. It’s going to be a fun month for the Nucks as they head out on a 7 game road trip, including Montreal and Toronto. January is make it break for that 5th overall pick we are destined to get. Let’s at least wipe the smirk of douchebag Kesler’s face tonight.

Go Canucks Go!