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Recap: Gaunce SCORES GWG! Canucks Defeat BJs 5-2 - World Ends

Knew the Nucks would bounce back from that horrific loss - we didn’t expect the GWG on the PP from Mr. G.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets
Brendan Guance - Powerplay Specialist
Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve missed the games, the games on the current road trip, so have most of the Nucks. To sum up the latest road losing was a bad streak. 5 ways from Friday.

It’s over! Yay! The Canucks are back on track for a scintillating 1 game wining streak.

Pretty much safe for me to return to the internet. You too. Unless you’re riding freefall-style on the tanker balloon. If so, look away now.

What better way to stop the descent to tanker heaven than beating the team coached by our former coach who TORTured us and threatened the sanctity of locker rooms everywhere on the red mile.

Let’s get started.

1st Period

Nothing of consequence happened. Sure, the Nucks ended the period down 1-0 on a powerplay goal from the league’s 33rd rated PP unit. Yes, it’s worse than ours.

It can only get better. And does.

2nd Period

And you can’t imagine how much better it got. At least I couldn’t.

1:19 in and the freshly renewed Sventabulous resumes his powerplay prowess from a sweet backhand feed in tight from Mr. In-Tight himself, Vanek.

Game is tied. And would stay that way. For four long minutes.

Then this happened. Another Nucks Goal!

A Guds goal! We’re winning again!

Can they keep the lead for at 10 mintes?

No. It’s better than that. The crack 2nd PP unit enlists our new powerplay stick shredding specialist. Brendan Gaunce. I’m not making it up. Doubt me, but not Twitter - the official mouthpiece for officials everywhere.

Now they’re really winning! Up 3-1 on the TORTured Jackets.

And...I know...probably making it up. They’re not done yet.

Special Eddie gets a goal too! Sedins get assists. Hank is now #2 on the all-time multi-point game list.

It’s a Xmas miracle in January!

Canucks win the period with 4...yes..FOUR goals in 1 period. It’s all over...

3rd Period

Almost all over. The BJs get another token goal. But just so Gaunce’s breaking-stick goal is known forever as the GWG in the losing-streak-breaking game of 2018. So far.

Jake gets the EN goal to top up his tally and pad the lead.

The Nucks crush Crumbless 5-2.

Markstrom made 27 saves on 29 shots with just the one over the shoulder not quite softie.

Canucks put 29 shots on Bob and 4 went past him.

The only low point in the game was the lack of a goal or 3 from Brock. Oh well..he’s now totally due next game. Make it a hattie in his old stomping ice.

But enough about gloating about the inconceivable one game road winning streak. Let’s hear from the snappy stick artist himself.

And from the indomitable blueline...

And finally the highlight of this recap...we have a bunch of game highlights to lighten these dark nights of road hockey.

Nucks were grounded because of bad weather from the foul cloud of Tort’s blue air. And a nasty winter storm. They’ll be off to Minni in the morning.

Last game of this #!*%! road trip is on Sunday against the Wild. Can they stretch the win streak to a higher single digit number? It’s possible. Just like it’s possible we get the 1st pick from the league lotto balls.

See you on Sunday. Enjoy the full Saturday without being compelled to watch HNIC. That feels great already.