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FINALLY. Bo signed for 5.5 bollion dollars

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2017 Coors Light NHL All-Star Skills Competition Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

He’s back! He’s rich! He’s our ALL STAR for six more weeks years!

Because of the busy summer schedule of key NM contributors, Canucks management waited until near mid-September to announce the signing of our team’s leading scorer. At least that’s the most dignified reason for waiting until the last possible moment to ink this deal. This is just what we wanted back in June. Or July. Or August.

But face it, with Bo up in the interior fighting wild fires all summer to make some extra ‘burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket’ money, his agent in the south of France fighting off snooty wine snobs and JB still up in the Yukon prospecting for CoHo gold, it wasn’t really convenient since cellphones won’t be employed widely in the league for at least another decade.

There’s other possible reasons for the delay of signing our best ‘foundational’ player, but at NM we are thorough and need to exhaust all the improbables before exhausting the probable using advanced distillates. Then tired, sweaty and stinky, passing out on the possibles.

Here’s what Bo says about his new deal:

"It's a great feeling to be able to continue my career for six more seasons in Vancouver and I'm grateful to the Aquilini family and Canucks management group for making this possible," said Horvat. "Since being drafted by the Canucks, I have been welcomed by fans with open arms and I'm incredibly proud and fortunate to call this city and province home. I couldn't be more excited to help this team win."

$5.5M average per year for six years.

Here’s what JB says about the no-brainer resigning:

And finally we have those 52 points, 32 BOssists, 20 BOals from last season to savour:

So...NM, are you happy, excited by this inevitable signing? Or...