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Last Game - Last Chance to win the (Pre)Season - Nucks ‘n Oils

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A game to decide the fate of the preseason

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
What the Puck Was That?
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This it it! Last game of season pre-season. Everything to play for without anything actually to play for. Unless you’re fighting for a spot on the team. Our team. Not that other one with the weird logo and 4 of 6 1st picks in recent years.

The pressure on our new rookie coach is intense. Imagine what it’s like for the rookie players. Or the veteran rookies.

“Any night, any line can be our best line” - Coach Green.

There it is. Doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t make the team. Every line can be as good or better as any other line. Or as Westy has projected, EVERY line is our BEST line. We have the BEST lines. The BEST team. And of course, the BEST fans. That’s why we win the Cup. BEST times.

This is the cool part about a rookie coach - they can shake up the status quo - think outside of the box that rookie GMs used to think they were thinking outside of. 1st line, 2nd lines - obsolete thinking. We now have the BEST line.

The Oils have high expectations this year, their lost decade and dozens of top picks and one incredibly lucky break have put them in a position to disappoint even if they make it through a couple rounds. As Westy has also said, expectations are one thing, certainty is certainly another. So, tonight the high flying Oil need to make it through the preseason without losing.

Does it matter if the Canucks win tonight? Not really. Winning games? That’s a question we will obsess into abscess in the coming weeks. Patience. Tonight, just enjoy the simple display of hockey skill and hope Rodin Juolevi Archie Virt makes the cut. And post your thoughts on which is the BEST line - on any night - after tonight, of course.