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GAME THREAD: Canucks vs Flames- Sep 28/17

Just two preseason games remain, but there's still lots to be sorted. Now that they've (hopefully) gotten over the jetlag and excitement of the China trip, it's time to get down to business with a meaningless game against the Flames.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

With less than an hour before game time, we already have news (!!!), as Anton Rodin will draw in, replacing Scottie Upshall tonight against the Flames. That's a good opportunity for Rodin to show he deserves a longer look, one that extends into the start of the season. For the former Kamloops Blazer star? Not so much. One would think getting scratched at this point would signify that Upshall hasn't made the desired impression in his PTO. The question is: has he done enough to warrant a contract, even if it means a demotion (at least to start) in Utica? While he would be a welcome source of experience and offence on the Comets, you have to think the Upshall experiment may be drawing to a close here.

Both teams will be icing lineups that look a lot more like what we can expect to see on opening night, give or take a few exceptions. So does this mean that we can look at tonight's result and judge the Canucks accordingly? Sure, why not? I mean, we are prone to rapid, harsh judgements without much rational thought. It's the way of the Canuck.

Anyway, we'll have our normal, fully packed game threads and previews as always this season. I might even try to stay awake for this entire game! Enjoy it, folks!