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5 Thoughts....hurry up season edition

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Is it September yet?

NHL: Preseason-Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Why hello, how are you? I know there has not been much in the way of articles lately on NM, but to be honest there hasn’t been much in the way of real news lately. Wait…are you calling me a liar? I know other sites have been pushing out two to three articles a day, but those writers are getting paid millions….um…hundreds….ok $20 a month and/or are looking for careers in sports journalism. We have had a couple of those types of people here in the past, but for the most part the folks here are more reactive than proactive.

1. My 5 thoughts should all focus on Bo Horvat and why he isn’t signed yet, but I will limit it to only one thought. I know the signing will come in September as training camp is about to get going, but I am as impatient as you are and want it done now. We have beaten the numbers to death as to what he should make and for how long….I am sure his agent has it covered

2. Bo and Sutter ( oh…Hank and Sam too) basically killed any shot of signing Kerfoot. Alex wanted lots of ice time and I think we have enough centers here to make that demand unattainable for him. Maybe we can all start drooling over Duchene again if Kerfoot gets off to a good start. Did we really want Kerfoot anyways? Gaudette could impress in camp and make things even more complicated.

3. Is this the year of Subban? I think if he isn’t the first injury call up, then we shouldn’t hold our breath. Travis Green knows the type of player Subban is and since Green hasn’t had a lot of praise for Subban, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Subban either on the farm all year or traded. Defenemen who struggle at defense will a have a tough time getting an NHL job. If you disagree with this, I want to point out that Sbisa has played 465 NHL games because he does have some defensive skill and still has a job. Subban can’t even make the Canucks roster.

4. Trevor Connors wrote an article for NM last week reminding us that Ryan Miller left us for his wife….and Anaheim. I will say that I have no confidence in this year’s tandem of Marky and Nillsson. They might make a nice backcourt duo as they are both giants, but I have a sinking feeling that I will keep seeing shots going over their shoulders into the net this year. You will know when management is serious about winning because they will have someone else starting besides one of these two.

5. The Canucks send half of their preseason squad to China to play the Kings for 2 games. I understand the NHL’s reasoning for doing so. Creating a market for a sport that is in its infancy may translate to more people watching games in North America in years to come. But I don’t like the fact the Canucks are going. The traveling and jet leg really cut into a week of time that could be used getting the best team together. You really won’t see a complete Canucks team until The last preseason game and I think that kind of sucks.