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All this talk of lines....

The Canucks need lines to score....and play defense

Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils
Where do we go now?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It seems like rosterbation has begun, which is a very dangerous habit to get into and has been shown that it leads to blindness. Or was that listening to Despacito....I get the two mixed up.

There seems to be lots of chatter of who should be on the first line, which is a funny thought by itself as the Canucks don’t have one top line guy anymore, let alone three to make a line. (You’re close Bo....)

And when you start the bad habit of rosterbation you eventually run into two gentlemen who make you stop and think about their role on this team. Henrik and Daniel, where do you fit into this team at this moment? Are the Sedins still the best chances for goals at this point? Do they deserve more offensive zone minutes than any line Bo is on?

The line of thinking in the NHL fan world is that team should set up line best on best chance of scoring points, but in the Canucks case we might want to think differently because of the lack of any 1st line players. The Sedins aren’t true first line players anymore because their defensive coverage sucks. They just don’t have the speed to keep up with other first lines and this is shown especially on the road. So while they may score 50+ points again this year, they will be on the ice for a lot of goals as well.

Travis Green may go into the year much like Willie did and say there is no 1st, 2nd line. He may experiment with a bunch of lines and in different situations. At least I hope he does. I would break up the Sedins for awhile as well and see if they can adjust. In the past Henrik has played ok away from Daniel, but Daniel has struggled.

The other issue with the Sedins has always been finding that third wheel that can almost read their minds and get to the right spots. The problem now is that the Sedins have been studied so much by other teams that defensemen are getting to those spots first. The Sedin cycle, when it’s not firing is a slow torturous nightmare that keeps the Canucks defensemen out of the play and does not lead to shots.

I think the issue that drives the lines will be, what type of tempo does Green want to run in Vancouver? Is it defense first and creating off the break out or trying to control the puck and keep pressure on the other team? Can the Sedins do either consistently?

Did you know that the Canucks already have 22 NHL contracts for the year? ( That is one or two away from being set. And they still have to sign Bo. That leaves Boucher, who going to arbitration, Chaput, who can go to arbitration and Gaunce....who can take it or leave it. There is also the matter of some young men named Virtanen and Goldobin, who are listed as minor league players, that could make this team.

So many names and possibilities for the lines...the lines!!!!!!!