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I want to move on.

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I love the Sedins....but I can’t wait until they retire.

Vancouver Canucks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Probable lineup with the Sedins:





With all this talk of a rebuild and a move towards youth, it doesn’t seem to be a young team with that first line. This year brings some excitement but also some impatience on my part as if the rebuild is taking place then let’s get rid of the old.

Of course there is a part of my brain that is yelling at what I just wrote. The Sedins were still near the top of team scoring and the leadership and professionalism they bring into the dressing room is irreplaceable. The youth needs a year or two more of this.

But what ticks me off of what I just wrote in the paragraph above is that with the Sedins, this team won’t make the playoffs. So maybe playing youth this year gives them a chance to get play with each other now, instead of in a year or two. The pressure will be off them this year as no one would expect them to win. They can make mistakes and the coaching staff can teach them a system that can run for years to come.

Here is what the team could look like this year without the Twins:



Boucher- Granlund- Rodin

Dorsett- Gagner-Gaunce

Whoa...ok, that looks a little different for a Canucks team. The PP certainly would have a new system that might actually use their defensemen for offensse instead of them being scored on for shorthanded goals. The team could play a more uptempo game. Do you remember when the team was fast? Me neither.

I realize that the Sedins $14 million contract this year is unmovable. You can argue that Aquilini could eat part of it to move them........but then common sense should kick in and you should realize Aquilini is already paying part of Lu and Hansen’s contract this year and also paying Higgy’s buyout. So if you think Francesco is going to pay for the Sedins to play somewhere else for part of next year....please pass what you’re smoking out to everyone else please.

Oh...and those pesky NMC’s would stop the Sedins from leaving, as they have stated so many times.....they love Vancouver.

Henrik...Daniel, can we be honest for a moment? Vancouver loves you....I love you. But this has to be the last year for you if this franchise is to start creating a new identity for itself. I can handle this year being your last and you guys deserve a swan song tour. Go enjoy it, then retire. I would love you even more.