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2017 STANLEY CUP FINALS GAME 5- Nashville @ Pittsburgh

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After each team was able to take advantage of home ice, the series shifts back to Pittsburgh. Is it really the home advantage that's happening, or was it stage fright for Nashville in the first two games? We'll find out tonight.

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

This is such a familiar refrain, isn't it? Winning the first two games against a team you're favored to beat, and yet you're back at home for Game 5 with the series tied up, and the questions are starting to mount as your opponent has systematically dismantled your strongest weapons. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel have been non-factors over the last couple games, apart from visibly displaying their growing frustration. The Nashville Predators have been able to tighten up defensively compared to the first two games, and that's allowed Pekka Rinne to regain his confidence and put the wall back up that he'd erected in the first 3 rounds of the playoffs.

And while many eyes will be on Rinne to see if he channels his inner Roberto Luongo and lose on the road again (sorry Lu, you know we love you), you also have to wonder how short the leash is on Matt Murray? When he became healthy again, you knew it wasn't going to take long for the Penguins to yank Marc Andre Fleury. But if the Penguins lose a 3rd straight game, do they keep the kid in, or try to get the veteran Fleury to save the day? It's intriguing for sure.


From their album 'Failed States', a fairly prophetic song even when it came out, but so much more so now.