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2017 STANLEY CUP FINALS GAME 4- Pittsburgh @ Nashville

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He called it and boy, did they deliver. Nashville smashed their way back into the series with a 5-1 win in Game 3 Friday night. Now, can they keep the momentum going and send it back to Pittsburgh tied at 2?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hard to say what was more impressive about Nashville's performance in Game 3: Was it the way Pekka Rinne shut the door after giving up a not so good goal early in the game? Or was it the way the Preds lit Matt Murray up for a fiver? Or maybe it was holding Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin to zero shots? Whatever your opinion, this series is far from over and it's obvious the Penguins are getting frustrated, because we're talking about Sidney Crosby's apparently weak trash talk game and Evgeni Malkin raising his stick against Nashville fans. Nashville needs to ensure fans can't throw stuff at players leaving the ice, even if they are just towels. Kinda shocked they don't have measures in place for that. That being said, Malkin crossed a line here, and he's getting a free pass from the NHL, so please remember this when you go on your next "The NHL hates the Penguins" diatribe.

And while I've made no bones about my preference for who I would like to see win this series, it's not easy to cheer for a team that has guys like Mike Ribiero and Harry Zolnierczyk on their payroll, and let us not forget their co-owner and his wonderful comments about our captain. It's frustrating, because every team has blemishes, some worse than others, but there's no pristine team in sports. They are made of humans, and despite the fact that they're athletically superior and have bank accounts beyond our imaginations, they're as flawed (or worse) than the rest of us.

The game goes at 5 tonight on CBC.


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