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5 thoughts...and a bit

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Hey, the summer fun continues tomorrow

2017 Honda NHL All-Star Tournament Final - Pacific vs. Metropolitan Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I love July the 1st. Three big things occur on that day and now I will list them in no particular order:

1. My daughter’s birthday. Why yes, she is Canadian as well.

2. Canada’s birthday. 150 years of “eh”.

3. NHL free agency.

The last point should help us get an idea of the shit storm we are in for this year and finally end some of the ridiculous rumors that have been flying around.

1. Ryan Miller

With Miller as the goalie, the Canucks are a better team. Having said that, #teamtank doesn’t want a better team. I think the Canucks let Miller walk just because they paid over $3 million/yr for Markstrom and this is the perfect time to see if he can be a starting goalie. Sink or swim, right? If he can turn it on then maybe the rebuild doesn’t take so long. If not, meh, there is still time to get Demko ready.

2. Draisaitl

He had over 70 points last year….playing a lot of time with a guy named McDavid. We have no player with that name on the Canucks. Leon would be a 40 point guy on the Nucks. No offer sheet better be made. Draisaitl owes 40% of his next contract to Connor.

3. Del Zotto

Everytime the Canucks talk about a player they are looking at, the media in Van seems to think that this team is their number one choice. I don’t understand that logic. Del Zotto is now getting that treatment. Do you know what we get with Del Zotto, a guy who can skate with the puck. Also another defensemen who will duel it out with Tanev to see who can play less games. In the past two years he has played 52 and 51 games.

4. Thornton…Marleau


5. Alzner

Sbisa left……and this is his replacement? I don’t know enough about him to complain, but I think Gudbranson is enough for the stay at home type.


Bo Horvat.....please go sign your contract. Thank you.