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2017 STANLEY CUP FINALS GAME 3- Pittsburgh @ Nashville

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They've been the better team, but bad luck and bad goaltending have conspired against them. The Nashville Predators hope that home ice will allow them to even this series up with Pittsburgh, but it'll be tough. I mean, who loses a Stanley Cup after winning the first two games, right?

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<p>Sure, the Penguins played better in Game 2, but Nashville's still got a lot to be positive about heading into Game 3. I know this much: If Pekka Rinne can't get back to the way he played the previous 3 rounds, the Predators are going to have a hell of a time trying to get back into this series.</p>
<p>There's a couple things they need to do in addition to their goalie not playing out of his mind that are going to help. One is finding a way to stop Jake Guentzel. Seems like every time the kid has the puck it ends up in the back of the net right now. Another is taking advantage of the power plays they've been getting. The Penguins aren't exactly the most disciplined crew in the world, but much like our beloved Canucks back in 2011 against the Bruins, the Penguins must be feeling like taking penalties are consequence free because of how bad the PP's been.</p>
<p>PK Subban has guaranteed a win tonight in Game 3, and barring another complete meltdown by Rinne, you shouldn't be surprised if this comes to be. Nashville's been a beast at home this post season, and in front of this fired up crowd, expect them to come out all guns blazing as they try to get at Matt Murray early. The Penguins will likely be without Nick Bonino tonight, after leaving Game 2 hobbled by a shot block.</p>
<p><b>GAME DAY BATTLE HYMN</b></p>
<p>Summer's almost here, and that means plenty of time at the beach. As a public service, Nucks Misconduct and Grindpad would like to remind you that sharks are dicks and want to bite you. Be careful out there.</p>
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