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It’s draft night Vancouver!

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Complainers get ready...the Canucks are going to disappoint 50% of their fanbase tonight

2017 NHL Draft - Top Prospects Hockey Clinic & Media Availability
Can we get one you please?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I hear we have a new player joining us tonight. I guess have no friggin’ clue who it will be. The first two players chosen in this draft are supposed to be set in stone as well. I just don’t know which will go to New Jersey. I admit it, I just don’t know a lot about how this draft will turn out. I do know that Canuck fans will be split the moment the name is said. Best player on the board at the #5 pick could be a lot of different choices depending on your philosophy.

There is no star available at #5, but there are few possible good players available. We have dissected all the choices to death over the past few months, so now we get to see how much we all think like GMJB.

If I were a betting man, I would say defenseman. I don’t bet though. I can never lose that way.

I’m sure next year we could get the 4th pick is we really try.

This years picks:

5th.....after that 33rd...after that it will take a mistake by all 31 teams to get a franchise player

Go Coconuts, Go.