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A quick quiet moment before more yelling

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The expansion draft is comes the juniors

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers
sign me...for cheap
Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

So…are you happy now? Our pizza guy is gone.

Sbisa was like the Berlin Wall for Canuck fans. You hated him or you didn’t.

The Scarlet “S” will also be sewed onto Benning’s shirt for the rest of the time he is the GM of the Canucks. No matter what else Benning does, he will be judged by that contract. Although if he is able to sign Horvat to a 5 year/ $4.5 million year deal, he would be a fucking wizard in my eyes.

The Canucks are now left with 6 defensemen from last year’s team.




We seem a little thin in the back end. Although we do have Subban……strike that….I meant Juolevi and Pedan. Travis Green won’t promote Subban. And nor should he.

We can stop thinking about Tanev being traded as we are short on quality defensemen and Benning came out today and said Tanev is sticking around. My guess is for 60 games and that’s what we usually get out of him.

The amateur draft is tomorrow and you would think it is kind of evident that the Canucks organization is short on defensemen, but everyone wants a forward still, because goals win games……not the ability to stop them I guess.

If Ryan Miller doesn’t sign a new deal on July 1st, then I say he is heading off to Phoenix. Mike Smith is now a Flame and Phoenix is closing to LA than Van so it makes sense for Miller to get more money there and be closer to his wife. Of course, I haven’t seen anything that confirms this made up rumor in any way.

I looked at the schedule….It’s hard to know how many games this team can win this year, since I barely know what this team will look like.

Do you think the Sedins will be re-signed this year? Part of me says I sure as hope not.