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2017 Expansion Draft (and NHL awards, we guess...)

The Vegas Golden Knights have been wheelin' & dealin' and tonight we're going to find out the 30 players they've chosen from each of the other NHL teams, and all of the accompanying deals. It's a night so special, the NHL decided to put their awards banquet in between announcements so that people might actually watch the annual cringefest.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's really been an expansion like any other. Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee has been making deal after deal with teams, taking players to leave other players alone and it could make Vegas one of the best expansion teams the league has ever seen out of the gate. Of course it could all blow up in their faces, but with the number of quality players out there, there's a good chance they'll at least be better than the Canucks next season. Low bar, I know...

The picks will be done in alphabetical order. This is bad for us, as it means we'll have to sit through almost the entire damn Awards show just to find out whether they actually took Luca Sbisa over Brendan Gaunce. One player we can pretty much assure is going to Vegas will be Marc-Andre Fleury. That gives them some NHL goaltending right out of the gate. So while the announcements of which players were claimed come tonight, tomorrow will be the really fun day as the announcements of the various trades and the players that Vegas claimed in order to flip in these trades will all be announced. That will set us up good for Friday night and the first round of the NHL Entry Draft in Chicago, where barring some crazy stuff happening, we should probably expect to see the Canucks choose Cody Glass as their pick in the #5 spot.

We'll update any news during the day, and post the selections as well as tonight's award winners in the comments.