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Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers - Game Six
Guy strides triumphantly from the podium - winning the pre-game presser is most of the battle
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

What day is it? Oh, right it’s that day in history that a Canadian team advanced to the eastern finals for the first time in way too long.

There was another game in the eastern provinces yesterday, but there’s already been too much discussion about it and we need to look forward to the demise of the already beaten Rags. Don’t screw it up, Sens! Not that you can screw up a fully sanctioned NM pre-destined playoff win.

And our beloved AMFB has already stoked the team fires:

Lots (has to change). Our desperation has to be better than Game 3, that's for sure," said Senators winger Alex Burrows to the Ottawa Sun. "We have to be smarter, make better reads without the puck. No matter what, we've just got to block everything. Whether it's MSG or Canadian Tire Centre on the outside, it shouldn't really matter.

"The play is the same, the game is the same, the same players on the other side and it shouldn't matter that the fans are going to be cheering on the other side ... We've got to close everything in and focus on what we have to do to be successful. We have a clear game plan about how we can beat this team and we're going to try to put it on display ... “just the way yankeecanuck explained it to us. But without the try part”*

* - using yankeecanuck's special quote-bending mind-control powers

4:30 PM PT - Madison Garish Garden - Big snApple, NY

While many some one want to stress how the Rags have already lost the series, the focus is on the when. And for the when, I pick the now. Victorious recap, anyone?

Ok, I’ll play. Sens beat the Rags 4-2. Just as predicted by YC not mere hours ago. And the Sens beat them in the big yApple, where there will be lotsa yapping about AV tonight.