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St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators - Game Six
Towels, NHL. Still popular in another century
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Today everyone is away from the tele, the internet and immersed in real life. Except for those Cup junkies who want to believe the journey is worth the hype.

Here’s what the rest of us missed yesterday.

Ottawa 5 NY 4 (OT)

The Sens looked like they were cool with slinking off off-Broadway. And then AMFB saved the team, the season, probably the planet.

Washington 4 Pitts 2

What a day a few days off can make to a freshly traumatised head. With Sid back in the line up, the Caps could allow Ovi to score again with out intervention from the league’s Department of Player Scoring.


12:00 PM PT - Smashville Towel Rack - Nasville, TN - Preds vs Blues

The Preds finish off the Blues at home - win the game 3-1 and the series 4-1. Our guy RJ scores the game winner. BTW, Nashville, the extended loan period is running out. We expect to repatriate Ryan next season. Ok, no one expects that, which is why it will be even more fun when we do.


4:00 PM PT - Rogers (Proud Laff Owner) Place - Edmonton, AB - Oils vs Ducks

The post season is on the line at home for the Oils. Do we care? With a win the Ducks can move to the conference finals. Do we care? A little. Best to settle the conference final competitors today and let the whambulance chasers on SN/CBC gets some fake rest from the fake controversies. But, the Lotto Oil winners want another trip to Disneyland.

Enjoy the sun wet coast! Don’t forget to keep hydrated and save your energy for draft pick combat.