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Gamethread: Canucks vs. Coyotes

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The epic struggle for 29th!

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Los Angeles Kings Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This could be the most important game of the season... for all the wrong reasons! If we win, we can say ‘at least we aren’t second worst... for now’; If we lose, we capture the 29th spot in the standings and hold the second best odds to win the draft lottery. Yep, that’s what we’re playing for tonight, sigh.

This might not be the way we’d anticipated this season to play out at the onset of the season but it is a necessary part of building to the inevitable day when the Sedin brothers hang up their skates. Yeah, I’m saying that they will retire with the Canucks, and not chase ‘one more chance at a Cup’ which is very unlike most aging stars in the league. The team needs to find a couple of higher ceiling players to augment the current group of exciting young players coming up (Juolevi has 3 goals in 7 OHL playoff games as an example).

To add to Kent’s preview, you have to wonder if Carl Neill and Tate Olson have played themselves out of contracts this year. It appears the recent free agent signings that the Canucks provide more depth for Utica next year (Brisebois is set to turn pro next season). I’ve been incredibly critical of both players throughout the past couple of seasons, maybe Jim Benning has been reading my stuff, haha! On the other hand, maybe JB has decided that the best plan is to have as much competition as possible on defense and fingers crossed that it motivates the cream to rise to the top. Either way, this depth on the blue line can only help the team in the long run assuming some of these young players reach their potential.

But enough dreaming about prospects and future stars! The Canucks are playing the Coyotes, and there’s lots on the line tonight!

Go Coconuts Go!!