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5 Thoughts

Draft lottery and a new coach

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

1. The NHL Draft Lottery takes place on the 29th of April. Or as I like to call it, “Another day that Canuck fans get fucked over.” I don’t think you have to take a stats class to know that 12.1% to win # 1 pick is pure shit. “Uh…it’s better than no chance…” Yes…but only 12.1% better. I have the sinking feeling that The Nucks will get the 4th pick. And with that pick, both Neil B and myself want Tim Liljergen. Neil B has stats and evidence to back up his argument, I only have gut instinct. Benning will choose someone else because they took a defenseman last year and the media want a skilled forward that can score 40 goals. (I’m not sure if that player exists in this draft) Probably most of you want a goal scoring, playmaker who can dominate special teams. You’re wrong. I can say that, right? The internet allows me to disagree with you without you sending death threats….true? Do you know why you’re wrong? The Nucks defense sucks and we need to draft our way to repairing it. Trading for defensemen is far too costly.

2. The Canucks need a head coach still, but it seems Travis Green is their man. I will state for the record that I am not a Travis Green fan. I was not of him as a player and it transferred to him as a coach. His team had a good run in Utica last year, but there haven’t been many call ups that have gone on to play that well offensively in Vancouver. Green inherits a team that struggles to get shots on net, let alone goals. Will he change his coaching style to try and let players create offence or will he emphasize structure and defense first? The hiring of Green may be the final name in the coffin of Subban as well. Green had pointed out that Subban’s 200 foot game is not ready for the NHL

3. How about free-agent speculation? I have none. I looked at the list of top 20 free agents and don’t see anyone that makes sense with the cap and the direction this team is going. Of course if Ryan Miller doesn’t re-sign, then the Nucks might have to sign a FA for a year. Demko needs one more year in the minors as a starter before he should make the jump.

4. Calgary lost pretty handily to the Ducks. The Flames had a good go of it this year in the regular season, but that team was not set up for the playoffs. The Ducks have a pretty good mix of fast youth and grizzled vets that could make it to the finals. Bieksa and Kesler lifting a cup in a Ducks jersey…..blech.

5. I am happy Toronto lost. Elated in fact. Unfortunately, it seems that the Leafs will only get better and be a playoff team for years to come if their youth can stay healthy. They won’t even really have cap issues until 2019-2020. I hate Toronto.